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10 Lawn mowing skills you need to master

10 Lawn mowing skills you need to master

Lawn care being what it is, there are 10 skills you need to master to do a good job of caring for your lawn always. Now, these skills can be learned by almost anyone interested in them. If you’re looking to do DIY lawn care or offer lawn care as a service-based business, you’ll find these skills necessary.

When hiring a professional lawn mowing service, it’s expected that they should be able to offer some of these skills if called upon.

Read on below to learn the 10 lawn mowing skills you need to master in lawn care.


By far, the most important skill in lawn care and maintenance is lawn mowing. This is the major activity involved in lawn care and maintenance. The need to mow lawn grass and have it looking beautiful and healthy can not over-emphasized. Lawn mowing is more than just cutting grass, there’s a way to do it and get right.

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Factors to consider include the height to which the grass must be cut, how many times the grass must be cut, the direction the grass must be cut, etc. Lawn mowing requires regular practice to perfect and give your lawn yard that well-maintained, pleasing look. There are different lawn mowers out there so it’s important to identify the one that will complement your mowing skills adequately.


Like all living things, lawns need water and not just water applied without care. Watering the lawn is a skill that must be learned in lawn care. You must choose the type of watering system to work with – it could be by using a watering can, a hose, or even sprinkler.

Whatever the watering options available to you, factors to consider while watering the lawn include the frequency of watering, the height of the water, and the time of the day to water the lawn. Moderation is the key to doing it right.

Fertilizer application

Fertilizers are important to enrich the lawn or replenish the soil when depleted. It’s a necessary additive that must be included in lawn care to give the grass the best chances of growing optimally. You can consult with a lawn mowing service for the best fertilizer options applicable to your grass type.

Biodegradeable, organic fertilizers are the best ones to apply on the lawn. Fertilizers must be applied according to instructions on the pack or by recommendations by a trusted lawn care service with proven experience in lawn care and maintenance.

Managing and maintaining lawn care tools

Lawn care and maintenance involve the use of different lawn care tools and equipment. It’s enough to just use these tools, you should also know how to manage and maintain them to keep them in good shape for future lawn care work.

Things like cleaning, oiling, and storage are part of managing and maintaining lawn care tools that any lawn care enthusiast should know how to do. After each mowing activity, tools like the mower should be cleaned, dried, and stored in cool dry places.

Movable parts of lawn care tools require regular oiling to reduce rust and friction.

Mulching the grass

Mulching is a lawn mowing skill that improves the performance and condition of your lawn. Rather than dispose off the cut grass, mulching involves breaking down the grass clippings and reintroducing it back to the lawn surface as organic fertilizer. For this, a mulching mower makes it easy to do. As it cuts the grass, its mechanism mulches the cut grass and releases it on the lawn surface all at the same time.

If possible, mulching should always be done each time the lawn yard is mowed. Mulch is a rich source of organic additive for grasses. It contains healthy amounts of nitrogen and other essential elements that enhance grass growth.

Pest removal

With lawn mowing a necessity, pest removal is an extra skill that must be learned. Pests are bound to show up on the lawn one way or another. Pest removal skills are needed to remove these pests from the lawn. If left on the lawn for long periods, they can cause more severe problems for you. Pests can burrow, eat grass leaves, destroy the ecosystem, breakdown the soil structure, and cause damages.

Pest removal skills needed in lawn care ranges from manual removal of pests, pesticide application, setting traps, and the use of natural control methods. Your chosen lawn mowing company will recommend a method that best suits your lawn yard.


Seeding and reseeding refers to the introduction or reintroduction of grass seedlings to the lawn yard either to grow fresh grass or replenish the depleted grasses on the soil. Whatever the case may be, seeding and reseeding requires knowledge of the area, the best grass options, the prevailing conditions, and experience in planting grass seedlings. Lawn mowing companies are expected to have experience in this area if the service is required.

Weed removal

Just like pest removal, weed removal is mandatory when it comes to lawn mowing. Weeds will definitely encroach into your lawn yard from different sources. It could be from an introduction by animals like birds and insects, pollination by wind, or simply by a human foot or hand.

Weed removal can be done by pulling out by hand, topical application with weed killers, or growing of close-growing grass species that choke out the competition, e.g. Zoysia species.

Edging and trimming

Just like mowing, edging, and trimming are necessary complementary skills that help improve the look and development of your lawn yard. Edging is important for keeping shrubs and hedges of grass in shape. Trimming is also important for trees and other growing plants on your lawn yard. Most affordable lawn mowing services offer to edge and trimming along with mowing as complimentary services at no extra cost.

Snow and debris removal

Keeping the lawn yard clean helps it stay healthy and beautiful. Snow and debris removal are skills that must be brought to the fore in lawn mowing. Snow on the lawn surface requires removal as often as it can be done. Consider removal snow from the lawn every few days if the fall is not heavy.

Debris can cause problems if left for a long period of time. They can attract pests and other vermin that can damage the lawn. Insects, worms, digging, and burrowing animals are known to build homes in debris-contaminated lawns. Debris removal is an important skill that must be implemented often if you plan to have a beautiful, healthy lawn.

These ten skills are required to give your lawn the best chances of looking great and growing healthily for an extended period of time. If you’re looking to enjoy quality lawn care, consider learning some of these skills as a lawn owner even if you hire professional lawn care services.

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