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10 ways to dispose of yard waste in Leander, TX for 2021

10 ways to dispose of yard waste in Leander, TX for 2021

As necessary as lawn care and maintenance are to our lawns, it will always give rise to waste formation. If you own a lawn yard in Leander, TX, you’ll find this post relevant with regards to waste disposal and management in your area. There are different options when it comes to disposing yard waste – consider burning, recycling, composting, relocation, etc.

A waste removal service can also be hired to handle this task for large lawn yards.

Read on to learn the best ten ways to dispose of yard waste in Leander, TX for 2021:

Get a dumpster for your waste

You could either buy outright if you have the means or rent one. Dumpsters are great for large yards as they can take a lot of waste at a time. Pick a dumpster that fits your needs so you can move waste away as quickly as possible. Consult your Leander yard mowing service to find out the best options.

Check in with your local waste disposal service

An arrangement with your local waste disposal service could be cheaper and more effective for your needs. Find out their available plans and choose an option that works best for all parties concerned. This method is cheaper although they will likely come around only on schedule.

Hire a junk removal service

Junk removal services are not really waste removal services but they can provide waste removal if an agreement is reached. Get the items to be removed ready once you’ve reached an understanding with the junk removal service. The only setback about using a junk removal service is the fact that they charge you per the size of your waste. Also, they only provide a 2-hour window to pick any wastes, missing this window means additional costs.

Burning actually works

Burning is a good way to get rid of wastes very fast. It’s effective and leaves very minimal materials. Burn any available wastes in a fire pit which must be 150 feet away from neighbors and 50 feet away from your house.

Carefully supervise the burning with fire extinguishers close-by in case of emergencies. Burning should be carried out on a windless day after you’ve made sure it’s safe and legal in your local area. This method of waste disposal is cheap and very effective. Check with your local yard care services in Leander, TX for assistance if needed.

Deploy a wood chipper

With a wood chipper, it’s possible to cut and grind large pieces of organic waste into tiny bits before manual removal. Wood chipping helps when your yard has a lot of trees that drop dead stems and branches. You may not need to buy a wood chipper but renting is always a good solution.

Make a compost out of organic wastes

If your yard wastes are mostly organic, composting provides an effective way of getting rid of waste. In fact, composting does two things – one, it removes the waste and two, it converts it to organic fertilizer for your yard’s usage. Only consider composting if the wastes are majorly grass. If your lawn was previously diseased or infested with weeds, avoid composting as plant seeds and disease survive the composting process and will resume their life cycle wherever they’re introduced.

Remove the waste to a dump site yourself

Rather than wait for a professional waste disposal service to handle your waste, it’s possible to pack them up yourself and transfer them to a dump site. Consider this option if your lawn yard is not so big or you have the time to attend to its needs.

Get someone to do it on a schedule

If other options are unavailable, getting someone to pick up your waste on a schedule can work. It could be a hired help, a neighbor, family or anyone who would agree to help. This could be done for a small fee which the lawn owner pays every month or as discussed. Usually scheduled pickups are done on a specific day when the wastes will be available for removal.

Bury the wastes if organic

Burying is effective when your wastes are mostly organic and you have a large yard. Burying waste in the soil leads to the decomposition of the waste into organic matter. Similar to composting, burying wastes will effectively remove it from your vicinity while it gradually breaks down inside the soil.

Hire a lawn care service

A good number of professional lawn mowing services in Leander, TX don’t just mow the grass. They also pack and bag the grass clippings for disposal. This means that with this service, you wouldn’t need to hire a waste disposal or junk removal service separately.

If you’re looking to enjoy beautifully-maintained lawns, GoMow Lawn Care Service, Leander, TX offers professional lawn care.

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