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4 Reasons – Why Your Dog Follows You Everywhere?

4 Reasons – Why Your Dog Follows You Everywhere?

If you are used to seeing your dog follow you about from one place to the other, know that it is pretty normal behavior for dogs. Dogs are highly social animals and used to live in packs, dependent on its pack members and a leader whom they follow.

As a dog owner, your dog sees you as their pack leader and will follow wherever you are going. You may find out that it is a cute and amusing behavior but where do you draw the line when it becomes worrisome?

In this post, you will learn about the 4 reasons why your dog follows you everywhere and what you can do to reduce it if it’s excessive.

Your Dog Loves Attention

Dogs are naturally social animals and have an attention-seeking DNA in them because they lived in packs in the wild. You are going to find out that your dog is most active and lively when you are around.

It sees you as its caregiver and food provider; this makes it very easy for the cute animal to prefer hanging around you because it knows enjoyment will be coming soon to it when you are around.

Attention-seeking behavior could also occur when your dog is bored and lonely. Maybe you have been away for a while, and the poor animal hasn’t seen you for some time. It is definitely going to show some attention-seeking behavior when it finally does, it is perfectly normal and an adorable behavior.

To reduce this behavior from being too much, you can take your dog to a highly recommended dog boarding League City, TX where its needs will be taken care of while you are away.

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Your Dog Has Learned To Follow You Around

It is possible that your dog is following you around all the time because you have taught it to do so. This isn’t intentional most of the time, but if you often give your dog treats or pet it whenever it is around you, the following-around is going to be reinforced.

Dogs know who loves them and by being always affectionate to it, it will dote and love you more hence following you wherever you go. They know that hanging around you means more positive stuff for them.

You can reduce this behavior in your dog by leaving it alone or ignoring it sometimes, so it learns to stay on its own without fawning up to you.

Your Dog Could Be Sick or Troubled

A sick dog will either lie alone somewhere or follow you about whining. This could simply mean it is anxious, ill or in pains and need your attention. Because they can’t talk, one way it can get your attention is to follow you about and probably make pitying noises.

Sticking close to you all of a sudden could also be a sign of trouble. Animals have a stronger sixth sense and will notice things before they happen. If your dog becomes clingy and makes noises while at it, you may need to observe it and investigate what is causing such behavior.

Attention-seeking behavior could also due to the genetic make-up of the dog or even its breed. If you have a female dog, you may need to know the female dog anatomy and how its body works. This will help you know what is expected and what isn’t.

Your Dog is Curious and Instinctive

Dogs are playful and inquisitive animals. It’s normal for them to want to know exactly what you are doing all the time if possible. You may notice it is looking at you as you go about your activities.

Some may even try to be useful by joining you in what you are doing. This curious behavior is part of their natural behavior. As animals that work by instinct, dogs love being busy and involved because of their social nature.

A dog’s natural behavior is to work with a team in finding food, protecting territory and surviving. It is therefore very important to it to find out what you are always doing and if possible, join you at it.

If your dog is overly attentive, this is just a way of it saying, ‘Hey, I love you, and I’m interested in what you are doing. I won’t mind giving some help and maybe get some goodies for it, what do you say?’


When your dog always follows you around, it is likely because of any of the reasons discussed above and maybe more. If the behavior seems abnormal to you, you can always contact veterinary care center to discuss it and suggest a solution.

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