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7 Easy steps for the perfect lawn in Coppell, TX 2019

7 Easy steps for the perfect lawn in Coppell, TX 2019

Having a perfect lawn in Coppell, Texas in 2019 should be something of an ideal for every lawn owner.

All steps have been carefully vetted to ensure they are as effective as stated. Read on below to learn more on best tips for Lawn care Coppell, Texas.

Take absolute good care of your lawn care equipment especially the lawn mower

Properly-maintained lawn equipment makes for a less stressful lawn care routine. For instance, sharp mower blades make lawn mowing easier for the person mowing. When mowing is easier, doing it more frequently which is recommended is made possible.

In the long run, your lawn grass benefits from regular mowing and grows healthier. Lawn mowing in Coppell should be done once or twice weekly depending on the size and growth rate of the lawn.

To be in the best state possible, lawn care equipment should be cleaned, dried off, grease applied where necessary and blades sharpened regularly. Dull blades tear up grass causing more harm than good so it’s important to observe your lawn after mowing to know if your blades need sharpening.

Consider reseeding your lawn where there is poor growth

Over time, it is normal for your lawn grass to start growing poorly in some spots. This could be as a result of nutrient deficiency caused by irrigation or leaching, environmental factors or disease infestation.

Reseeding your lawn could be the way out to regrow it when it grows thinly. The reseeding process though not complex should best be done by an experienced person preferably from a lawn treatment service in Coppell, TX.

Regularly feed your lawn with organic fertilizers

Just like every living thing, lawn grass needs regular, rich feeding to grow and remain lush and green. For this, organic fertilizers are the preferred option as they comprise the required nutrients and minerals necessary for plant growth.

Also, organic fertilizers decompose completely and pose no risk to the environment, unlike synthetic fertilizers. Spring and summer fertilizer application is more suited for northern climes while fall and spring fertilizer is best suited for southern climes.

Adequate water application especially in the mornings before the sun’s heat

Water application is necessary to keep the lawn adequately hydrated and healthy. Most lawn mowing services in Coppell, Texas offer to water in addition to other lawn care services.

The best time to water is in the morning when the temperature is still mild. At this time of the day, the grass easily absorbs water and this increases more as the day progresses.

Watering should be done at least once a week and should soak the lawn earth deep enough to cover its surface by at least an inch.

Remove weeds even before they appear with Pre-emergent herbicides

To keep your lawn yard free of weeds which are known to be unsightly, detracting from the beauty of your lawn, weed removal is advised. Not just weed removal but the specific use of pre-emergent herbicides to stop the sprouting of their seeds in the first place.

A weed like Crabgrass is usually difficult to eradicate when fully grown which means the way out is to use pre-emergent herbicides to kill them before they germinate. For best practices, engage a professional lawn treatment service in Coppell, Texas.

Proper lawn mowing is proven to be healthy for long grass term

Regular and proper lawn mowing is proven to be a useful step towards having a healthy lawn for the duration. When grass is mowed wrongly, it can lead to poor growth and development. The recommended mowing height is about one-third of the grass blade length.

To achieve this mowing height easily, your mower blades should be set correctly by someone who has experience in lawn maintenance. For professional support, visiting a GoMow Lawn mowing service in Coppell, TX might be all you need to do.

Be observant of your lawn yard on a regularly

Above all else, the best step to take to have an awesome-looking lawn in Coppell, Texas is to be vigilant and observant. This will help you notice when something is off on your lawn and your attention is needed.

Periodically, it will also be beneficial to your lawn yard if checks and analysis were carried out to have factual results on the state of your lawn grass.

Having a perfect lawn in Coppell, TX in 2019 is feasible without much difficulty and these seven easy steps will take you closer to making it happen.

Contact us at GoMow Lawn Mowing Service, Texas to get started today, visit us here: gomow.com

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