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7 Easy Ways for Garden Design Ideas with Low Maintenance

7 Easy Ways for Garden Design Ideas with Low Maintenance

Owning a garden is often for more than one reason. It could simply be because of the aesthetic value of it or to have a place to relax with friends and family. Or maybe just for another reason but the truth is if you own a lawn or garden, there are easy ways for garden design ideas with low maintenance within your budget.

In this post, we have discussed seven easy ways to garden design ideas with low maintenance. If you have a garden but need the most minimal efforts in maintaining it, then you’d benefit a lot from these simple steps.

  1. Reduce the number of varying plants that you have in your garden if you want a low maintenance one. The more plants you have especially when varied, the more effort and attention they will need to be in good shape. Keep it between 5-10 plant types just to be safe. With this number, you’d be able to manage your care and effort more easily.
  2. Consider reducing the size of your garden area – the smaller the size of your planted area, the less effort you’d need to put in to care for it. There’s a reason why smaller lawns often look great more often than larger lawns.
  3. Add other structures to the garden area to reduce the need for plants – include gravel, pavement, and edges in it. This garden design idea is as simple as it gets and will make garden design and care a lot easier for you. Properly-edged gardens or lawns are easier to mow compared to roughly-planned lawns.
  4. Keep your garden care tools in good shape and handy too. If your tools are properly-maintained, designing your garden becomes less of a chore and more of an activity you might even enjoy. This is something you must do if low maintenance is your objective.
  5. Having easy water access makes garden design easy and low-maintenance. A water tap can make all difference between a stressful garden care routine and an easy one.
  6. Make your garden a beautiful place to sit and relax in regardless of the effort put into it. If you want less expense in maintaining your garden, regular maintenance is the way to go. Your beautiful flowers will look better when they have the needed care.
  7. Plant perennials to save reseeding effort every time. Rather than repeat the same activity from time to time, it’s often better to simply plant perennial shrubs in your garden. This an effective garden idea because it saves you time and requires less maintenance for the average garden owner.

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