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8 Snake Realities of World Snake Day – 16th July

8 Snake Realities of World Snake Day – 16th July

Did you know that snakes can also make good pets? Some persons have negative perceptions about snakes and may wonder if anyone can think of adopting a snake as a pet. The venoms in snakes may be one reason people don’t think a snake should be used as a pet, but the fact is that not all snakes are venomous.

Among the 3,500 species of snakes, only 600 are venomous. And the World Health Organization (WHO) further clarified that only about 200 snakes pose a serious risk to humans. This record shows that there are plenty of snakes without venoms and can be adopted as pets-corn snakes, ball python snakes, garter snakes, etc., are some of the favorite pet snakes.

To further increase the awareness of the variety of snakes species around the world, July 16th was named the world snake day.

Do you love snakes as a pet or already own one? We want to throw in some ideas on how to celebrate your snake on this day.

But first, here are eight realities of snakes you may find interesting.

Interesting Facts About Snakes

  1. Only about 1/8 species of snakes are venomous.
  2. Snakes use their tongues to smell their air.
  3. Snakes eat their prey in entirety.
  4. Most of the snakes are nocturnal.
  5. Snakes lower and upper jaw do separate to let them eat any prey that is 3-times larger than their head – in diameters.
  6. Snakes sun themselves to regulate body temperature as they are cold-blooded or ectotherms.
  7. Not all snakes reproduce through laying eggs; some give live birth.
  8. Snake venoms have been studied for medical purposes and found to be effective in the treatments of anti-tumor, antibacterial, etc.

How to Mark the Snake World Day

Here are some tips to make the world snake day a memorable one for you and your snake, perhaps.

Do Some Research About Snakes and Spread the Word

While you know a few or many things about snakes, many other people are not aware of it and hold negative thoughts about snakes. You want to seize this day to do more research about snakes and share among your friends, family, and network. If you are a member of local social groups or online groups, you can hold a talk session to educate people about snakes.

Visit a Zoo to See Snakes

To mark this day, you can also visit a zoo to see some snakes in persons. Snakes have many fascinating colors, and you do have a good time seeing the beautiful snake colors.

Visit a Vet

You can also give your snake pet some extra care on this day. Visit a vet and have him perform a check-up on your snake to know its health status. You do find some affordable pet clinics for this purpose, and they might even offer some free services to mark the world snake day. Depending on your location, a quick Google search with phrases like an affordable pet clinic near me can reveal a couple of them.

Wrap Up

Though snakes may be dangerous, not all are poisonous and won’t harm humans. What is stopping you from adopting a snake? If you’ve been looking to get a snake as a pet but trapped by the myth of venoms in all snakes, you know the truth now. Go ahead and get one if you love to have a snake as your pet.

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