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Best and Affordable lawn care services in New Year 2019 by GoMow

Best and Affordable lawn care services in New Year 2019 by GoMow

A new year is a time for new beginnings and this shouldn’t be different for your lawn. Everyone and everything deserves a fresh start this 2019.

In our little way to encourage all lawn owners, we have put together these best and affordable lawn care services in 2019.

These services are super-affordable if you prefer to hire out and you can be sure of having a beautiful, green lawn throughout this New Year when practiced consistently.

Let’s get started, read on below!

Keep your mower blades sharpened and properly-maintained.

This is really basic information but unfortunately, a lot of lawn owners still make the mistake of not taking care of their lawn mowers. Mower care and maintenance aren’t just for grass mowing services.

A good tool or equipment makes handling any job easy. Likewise, a properly-maintained lawn mower should have sharp blades which are set to cut grass at the recommended height of one-third of the grass length.

Going any lower could be counter-productive especially if it causes over-exposure of the lawn to harmful elements.

Mow right and regularly in 2019

Regular mowing as a service must be taken seriously in 2019 if having a consistently-looking, green and healthy lawn is in your plan.

Regardless of whether you’re using a lawn cutting service, most grass grows and become healthily robust when they’re cut often.

Of course, cutting regularly doesn’t mean scalping the lawn yard, it simply means to cut on a schedule without allowing the lawn yard become overrun by weeds.

Take regular watering seriously

Even as much as most grass species are quite resilient and can withstand dry spells for long, it is important you don’t skip or skimp on watering your lawn.

The recommended watering schedule should be at least once a week while ensuring that the water level is about an inch above the grass level to make it soak through thoroughly.

As expected, summertime deserves even more regular watering because of the increased heat.

A lot of cheap lawn mowing services offer lawn mowing alongside watering so when picking a lawn care service near you, consider their service packages and what are included.

Consider organic lawn care like organic fertilizer application and herb and pest control

Organic lawn care and maintenance are the ways to go when it comes to sustainable lawn care.

There are several organic lawn fertilizers that are super-effective at improving your lawn, giving it the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and green.

Similarly, herb and weed prevention should be handled with organic products to avoid negative consequences later. For weeds, pre-emergents can be applied to stop them from developing in the first place.

Pest control measures should include cleaning debris that attracts pests off the lawn and applying environmental-friendly pesticides where necessary.

Aeration can make all the difference for your lawn this year

Over time, it’s normal for your lawn soil to become clogged up leading to the inability of nutrients to move easily through it.

Usually, this happens from all the foot traffic and other activities that happen on your lawn.

To combat this development, aeration of the soil is the solution. It works by getting an affordable lawn care service of your choice to turn your soil or punch holes through the surface to loosen up the top soil.

This can be done with an aeration machine for large lawn yards while for small lawn yards, a pitchfork or garden hoe or shovel can be enough for the work.

Getting a lawn aerator might be too pricey for lawn owners on a budget but the good news is that once you’ve got it done, you won’t have to do so again.

Aeration can be done once or twice a year to be effective. As always, too much of everything can be wrong so take aeration under advisement by consulting a lawn care service near you.

Final words

It’s still early in the year to plan your life and that of your lawn for maximum impact and optimization.

At GoMow Lawn Care, we are available to help you make your lawn one of the best lawn in your neighborhood in Texas.

To get started, contact us today to book an appointment or simply implement these best tips for 2019 to have the best lawn!

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