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Best ways to clean up leaves in the large yard

Best ways to clean up leaves in the large yard

Lawns are more aesthetically beautiful when you have a large yard. The sheer expanse of lush, green vegetation doesn’t only look serene but can be calming to the mind. However, as wonderful as having a large, beautiful lawn is, maintaining and keeping it clean can be quite a challenge. You will most likely need the help of expert lawn care service providers to maintain a large lawn.

If you are new to lawn ownership, you might find yourself asking neighbors and family ‘are there lawn mowing services near me?’ We don’t want you to ask such a question and in this post, you will learn the best ways to clean up leaves by your own, even if you have a large yard.

Get a Mulch Mower

A mulching mower combines mowing and mulching perfectly to tackle any leaves-cleaning issue you might be having especially if you have a large yard. If you can get a tractor type mulch mower, that’s even better as it will help you cover a lot of ground without much stress and effort on your part.

Also, a mulching mower is an essential lawn care tool that helps you re-grass your lawn easily using mulched grass clippings. The mulched grasses form an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen and bolster your soils nutrient composition.

Get a Leaf Blower

Like all mechanized equipment, leaf blowers use pressurized air to blow off leaves with force from your lawn. You will need to get a battery or gas powered type for ease of movement if your yard is very large. If you have a small lawn, the electrically powered type with a cord can serve.

Alternatively, you can set up an arrangement with a professional lawn yard services Richardson provider to clean away leaves if you are unavailable or the task appears tasking.

Rake and Bag the Leaves

As old-fashioned as this may sound, it is still an effective means of cleaning away leaves in a large yard. You can get this done with some help with friends, family or even alone if you have the stamina for it. The leaves will be picked by hand, raked and bagged for disposal or compost making.

This method is suitable for people who love outdoor life and physical activity. It can also provide a bonding experience for family and friends when done together.

If you would rather call in a professional lawn care service, Lawn care company Richardson offers a special lawn care solution for this. You can contact us today to get started.

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