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Canine Stem Cell Therapy – What You Need to Know Before Procedure

Canine Stem Cell Therapy – What You Need to Know Before Procedure

Stem cell therapy for dogs is one of the most widely used and extensive medical treatments in the pet world today. It involves the use of stem cells to treat or prevent the onset of a disease. It has been proven to be exceptionally effective in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, leukemia, and degenerative joint problems.

All these happen because stem cells can naturally replicate, as well as replenish lost healthy cells. Cells can get lost as a result of the occurrence of a disease.

It may also interest you to note that there is stem cell therapy for cats as well. This is a procedure that can be performed at Animal Hospital League City.

But here a few things you need to know before the entire process.

The Different Types of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy comes in two forms: autologous and Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cells (HUC-DT). Both have been clinically proven to deliver astounding results at the Veterinary Hospital in League City. But you need to know that they are unique and different from one another.

Autologous Stem Cells: What are they?

Autologous stem cells, as defined by League City Veterinarian, are those cells that are harvested from either an animal or human. Then, they are injected right back into the same human or animal.

So, this implies that autologous stem cell therapy for dogs involves the collection of healthy stem cells from your dog’s fat or bone marrow. Then, these healthy stem cells will be injected back into your dog to facilitate healing.

An awkward stem cell harvesting process and risky anesthesia are required. However, Dog Stem Cell Therapy in Texas has enormous potential when it comes to healing a sick dog.

HUC-DT (Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Derivatives Therapy)

The umbilical cord, as well as the placenta, contains blood that can be obtained when a baby is born. This blood is loaded with uncommon hematopoietic stem cells with powerful medical potential. They have the ability to create any cell in the blood.

This means that your dog can receive Human Umbilical Cord stem cells without undergoing the trauma that is experienced when stem cells are harvested from his body.

What You Need to Know Before the Procedure

Both HUC-DT and autologous stem cell therapy for cats or dogs can improve a pet’s health while minimizing the pain that is associated with the usual canine conditions.

However, the Human Umbilical Cord Cell Derivatives therapy offers more benefits and is considered safer than the traditional autologous stem cell therapy for dogs.

Simplicity and Safety

For instance, HUT-DT is simpler and much safer than autologous stem cell therapy. To undergo autologous stem cell therapy, your dog will be tranquilized or sedated twice.

The first round will occur when the stem cells are about to be harvested via the surgical removal of fat or the aspiration of the bone marrow.

The second time your dog will be anesthetized – about two weeks later – is when the stem cells are ready for transplanting. Anesthesia has always posed a significant risk to every breed of dogs, especially the senior ones that usually have multiple health issues.

But HUC-DT stem cell therapy for dogs eliminates the need for anesthesia. Your dog will enjoy every benefit provided by the human umbilical cord blood. There will be no harvesting of stem cells whatsoever.

The therapy process, especially when undertaken by a League City Veterinarian, is painless and quick.

The Purity of the Stem Cells Enhances Safety

The level of cell purity for HUC-DT is much higher than the conventional autologous method. This is because all HUC-DT stem cells have been exhaustively screened for any form of disease.

No hormones or preservatives are used; they are washed in saline and flash frozen. Then, they will be transported to the League City Veterinarian on the day of the transfusion.

This process also enhances the safety of the therapy and your pet’s safety as well.

The Expertise of League City Veterinarians

This is also an essential factor to consider. However, the vets in League City are well-trained professionals with years of experience in Dog Stem Cell Therapy in Texas.


On a final note, stem cell therapy for dogs is the best option for taking care of your pooch. Dog stem cell therapy cost is pocket-friendly at Animal Hospital League City, so you have nothing to worry about.

So, trust your canine companion’s care to a certified pet health care league city, and your pet will be just fine.

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