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Pet Heart Protection Pet 

What you need to know for Pet’s heart protection

Pets just like humans are susceptible to heart diseases; the two most common heart defects are heart failure and heartworm infection. Both defects are fatal if left untreated; heart failure could occur at any time without any obvious symptoms and death can be instantaneous while heartworm is gradual and is caused by mosquito bites that transmit the heartworms into a pet’s bloodstream. There could be several causes of heart failure in pets. It could be hereditary, age-related, fall-outs from other diseases, side effects of medications or supplements or some other…
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Stem Cell Therapy for Your Pet Pet 

Treat your dog with stem cell therapy

Your adorable dog has sustained injury. You are at your wits’ end trying to figure out the amount you have to shell out to have this healed. The thought of invasive surgeries and convalescing expenses are giving you nightmares. Wait! You need not press the panic button yet. Recent medical breakthroughs have served to allay your worries to a great extent. Stem cell therapy for dogs Your canine friend can be treated with stem cell therapy in Texas. About 20% of dogs suffer from debilitating canine osteoarthritis, a form of…
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