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Complete Guide to Stem Cell Therapy for Your Pet

Complete Guide to Stem Cell Therapy for Your Pet

Pets are not just animals – they are part of your family, and that means the soundness of their health is as important as that of any human in the family. Pets can also suffer ill health, and thanks to the discovery of stem cell therapy for pets, such conditions can be taken care of in a jiffy.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are blank cells, i.e. cells without any prior identity. They can, however, split up and grow into a variety of cells like blood or muscle cells. Researchers have labored for several years to establish stem cells as a potential treatment for several diseases.

And since medical doctors use stem cells to address issues such as lymphoma, leukemia, etc. it is reasonable to assume that they can be used for healing injuries and treating illnesses in pets.

Animal Stem Cell Therapy: What is it?

Animal stem cell therapy is a procedure in which stem cells are injected into the body of pets to repair ligaments, muscles, and joints which have been damaged by injury, arthritis etc.

It works almost the same way in pets as it does in humans, though the regulations for treating humans are fewer. Stem cell therapy is also used more frequently at Veterinary League City TX than in humans.

Animal stem cell therapy for pets also aims at using stem cells in such a way that they end up growing into replacements for diseased or injured tissues like muscle, nerves, bone, cartilage, etc.

What makes stem cell treatment for dogs even more impressive is the fact that the Veterinary League City TX specialists can introduce real tissue replacements for injured or damaged tissues instead of artificial implants. And this is perhaps why stem cell treatment for dogs has massive record successes in recent times.

How Stem Cell Therapy for Pets Work

Stem cell technology – which is still a relatively new and incredibly exciting branch of Veterinary Medicine – involves the use of stem cells which is obtained easily from a host animal. The host animal is not subjected to any harmful procedures and is quite safe.

A small amount of adipose tissue is obtained via surgery from the host animal, and then a centrifuge is used to separate the fat tissue from the stem cells mechanically.

The stem cells are then collected and injected directly into the injured or damaged muscle, ligament or joint. These stem cells quickly start growing and soon enough, they replace the damaged or injured tissue with new and healthy ones.200

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Animal Stem Cell Therapy?

The perfect candidate for stem cell therapy for pets is a canine who may be healthy but suffers from ailments such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc. Visit Stem Cell Safari to know more about the pet conditions treated with stem cell therapy. Dogs that don’t respond exceptionally well to medication may also be an ideal candidate for stem cell treatment for dogs at Veterinary League City, TX.

Dogs who may not survive highly invasive surgical procedures are also candidates for animal stem cell therapy. Since this therapy usually involves the use of the patient’s tissues, the pet is expected to be in sound health for the procedure to be highly effective.


There is no doubt that stem cell treatment for dogs will radically transform the veterinary industry, thanks to the successful results of the procedure thus far. Contact Stem Cell Safari today if you have any inquiries related to pet stem cell therapy.

At Stem Cell Safari League City TX, your pet will enjoy profound and high-quality medical care at all times. We also supply the required Stem Cells for treatment wherever you need it in the United States.

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