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The Cost of Lawn Care Services in Texas Areas. Get a Free Quote from GoMow!

The Cost of Lawn Care Services in Texas Areas. Get a Free Quote from GoMow!

Having a beautiful lawn yard oftentimes means getting real professionals who know their business to maintain and handle it for you. As great an idea as this is, pricing is a regular challenge for most lawn owners.

This isn’t surprising when you consider the fact that lawn care service costs in Texas are varied and depends on many factors.

At GoMow Lawn Care Services, our lawn care services range anywhere from $23 to $50. This amount is enough for a professional lawn care service that will leave your lawn yard looking like a picture of heaven on earth.

Added to our excellent mowing services, we also offer a FREE QUOTE at no cost to our customers. This means when you contact us, we can check out the services you need, match it to your lawn yard and offer you a quote of what it will cost you without any initial payment from you.

This is our little way of encouraging you to continue being a caring lawn owner. On a general note, several factors influence our pricing which is normally anywhere from $23 – $50.

Below is a short list of some factors you should be aware of when considering the cost of lawn care services in Texas, Areas:


As far as pricing is concerned, the average lawn mowing cost prevalent in the area is going to influence how much the mowing cost of your lawn will be. Some areas are hilly, drier, Rainier and so on.

GoMow handles lawn services in the following areas of Texas and pricing from one location to the other is different – Addison, Austin, Carrollton, Cedar Park, Coppell, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Irving, Leander, Pflugerville, Plano, Richardson, Round Rock.

If you are a lawn owner in any of these areas, you can simply get a free quote directly from our website to know the exact amount it will cost you to get your lawn cared for by our experts.

Be rest assured that you will find a suitable service with us at around $23-$50! Our lawn care service prices are that affordable.


Lawn mowing and lawn care cost are also majorly influenced by the size of the lawn yard. A large lawn yard will cost more than a smaller one. It’s simple mathematics.

A small lawn yard generally means less grass to be mowed while a large one will require extra effort, time and manpower to cut through it or apply maintenance practices.

Even though lawn care service pricing offered at GoMow are pegged between $23 – $50, it is important to still ask for a quote so you can budget accordingly beforehand.

Size also ties in closely with the type of topography in the area as stated above. Hilly, tough landscapes will require more effort when they are large too.

The frequency of the lawn service required

How often you need your lawn mowed is another factor that will influence the cost of lawn care in your area. GoMow offers different service options of lawn mowing to serve customers. Customers could go for the normal weekly or bi-weekly service which usually runs from March to December.

After this period, GoMow converts all previous arrangements to a tri-weekly service for January and February.

As it is, a customer using a bi-weekly service will have a different GoMow lawn care service cost as against another customer using the weekly service.

Pricing can also be negotiated depending on the available offers on the ground.

Type of services needed

Customers who need only mowing services will certainly enjoy fewer expenses than those who need services like fertilizer application, over-seeding, re-seeding, aerating and others. The type of services you need will influence the lawn care service pricing you will get after you request for a quote.

But then how do you ensure that you are not cheated and made to pay far higher than what a service is worth?

GoMow Lawn Mowing Services advises that you check different services that offer the same service in the same area, consider reviews and their known reputation before making a decision to go with them.

NOTE: To get the best possible costing when in need of lawn services in Texas areas, it is advisable to have the lawn care service to visit your yard when you request a quote. Lawn services that give a quote without even seeing your lawn should be avoided if possible. It will be completely erroneous to be given a quote for lawn care maintenance of an area that hasn’t been inspected.

At GoMow, we follow all due procedures to ensure we deliver the best lawn mowing experience to you! With $23 – $50, we can begin work on your lawn right away!

Contact us today for our super budget-friendly pricing!

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