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Do you really want satisfaction guaranteed lawn care services in different areas in Texas?

Do you really want satisfaction guaranteed lawn care services in different areas in Texas?

Perhaps you’re looking to enjoy a satisfaction-guaranteed lawn care service in your Texas area, GoMoW Lawn Mowing, TX, offers professional lawn mowing services planned to give your lawn the best lawn care. We have several team members who cater to every lawn care need you may have when you hire us.

We have licensed professionals with the knowledge, experience, and resources to deliver satisfaction-guaranteed lawn care services for clients. If your answer to needing quality lawn care is a resounding yes, it will interest you to check out the services we offer to lawn owners in different areas in Texas.

Lawn Mowing

This is by far the most common and important lawn care service for every person that owns a lawn yard. Regular lawn mowing will do your grass a world of good and have it looking great and growing healthy. Consider mowing at least once every week for the best result. If you’d love to be consistent with mowing, hiring a lawn mowing company in Texas to do the routine mowing work is advisable.

Fertilizer application

Over time, your lawn yard might experience a depleted nutrient resource pool which will in turn affect the look of your lawn. Fertilizer application easily remedies this situation by reintroducing rich nutrients back into the soil.

However, it’s not just about applying fertilizers randomly on the lawn, there’s a science to it. Organic fertilizers are the most preferred option and should only be administered by an experienced lawn care service personnel. Chemical fertilizers often leave toxic compounds on the lawn because they do not completely break down.

Weed Control

The presence of weeds on your lawn can be a source of concern if left unchecked. They’re quick to grow and establish a presence unless preemptive measures are taken as soon as they’re noticed. Manually pulling by the stems out and away from the lawn yard for disposal, application of topical weed killers and planting of thick-growing grass species are some of the ways to deal with weeds without harming your lawn.

For severe cases, chemical-based weed killers can also be introduced to kill the invading plants but take note that it must be applied with caution. Your grass cutting service of choice can easily handle this for you whenever you suspect you’re having weed infestations on your lawn.

Disease Control

Like weed control, diseases will test your lawn grass from time to time and it’s up to you to keep your lawn healthy. Some grass species are disease-resistant and will stay healthy even if there’s an outbreak. These are the type of grasses you should have on your lawn.

Molds and other fungi have been known to attack lawn yards that have been consistently over-flooded. Watering is great for lawn care but must be done professionally. For disease control, there’s a need to work with lawn maintenance service experts who can proffer an effective solution to protect your lawn.


Watering the lawn yard is an essential activity that can guarantee the health of your grass if done right. Best practices for watering includes carrying it out twice a week, in the mornings or evenings when the temperature is low, and irrigating deeply enough to soak the earth without flooding it completely.

Automated sprinkler systems can be installed and the timer set to irrigate your lawn at specific times.

Alternatively, a hand-held water pipe or sprinkler can be used to achieve the same results. Regular watering of the lawn is necessary for optimal growth and development of the grass on it.

Aeration of the lawn soil

soil has a less molecular movement of nutrient elements, water, and oxygen through the soil. When this is the case, the grasses become starved and will eventually die from a lack of nutrients and other resources.

Aeration should be done once a year by lawn care experts who actually know what’s involved. Mechanical aerators, trowels, shovels, spades, and pitchforks are some of the tools that can be used to aerate the soil.

GoMow Lawn Mowing TX, offers a good number of these services. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee when you try our services.

Give us a call for the best lawn care service in the area.

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