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Essential lawn mowing tips for late summer in Round Rock, TX

Essential lawn mowing tips for late summer in Round Rock, TX

Are you enjoying your lawn yard this summer? This is the ideal time to enjoy picnics, outdoor barbecue, family get-togethers, and hangout with your neighbors to have a wonderful time on your beautifully maintained lawn makes. Such memorable experiences are part of what makes life enjoyable.

In this post, we have discussed the essential lawn mowing tips for late summer in Round Rock, Texas. If you are a lawn owner or an intending one, these tips will help you maintain your lawn to remain fresh, green and healthy throughout summer and beyond!

Recycle your lawn grass clippings after mowing

Bagging your grass clippings after mowing is good but leaving them on your lawn is best. Recycling your lawn grass means you have to leave your grass clippings on the lawn surface after mowing. This is good practice during summer as the finely-cut grass decomposes quickly further enriching your earth naturally.

Apart from the nutrients added to your soil when you recycle your grass clippings, this practice offers a great way to save some bucks from having to pay for bagging and disposal of cut grass. Consider including this option in your lawn care routine when hiring a lawn service in Round Rock TX.

Only mow when the temperature is low

Mowing under the heat of the sun increases the rate of water evaporation from your lawn. It is important to remember that cutting the grass stems exposes your lawn to the elements more; therefore mowing is best done in the early hours of the day.

The recommended mowing time is anywhere between 7am and 10 am. When hiring a lawn maintenance company in Round Rock, Texas, ensure you confirm their mowing hours to be on the safe side.

Alternate your late summer mowing pattern after a while

Lawn mowing is mostly done in a specific direction for most lawn care in Round Rock, Texas. However, this isn’t exactly the best way to mow your lawn as it conditions your grass to grow in one direction and creates ruts in your earth which become compacted after a while.

The mowing direction should be alternated from time to time – usually, this will include mowing straight-up the first time, mowing diagonally the next time around and mowing in a criss-crossing direction. For lawns whose soil has become compacted, consider hiring GoMow Lawn Care Services Texas to come aerate your soil.

Do not mow your grass too short

Perhaps, this rule is the foundational tip for lawn mowing because everything else hinges on it. Grass Cutting in late summer is risky business as it not only robs your grass of the leaves needed for photosynthetic action but it also exposes it to the intense heat of the sun. Without the needed foliage, drying up of the lawn is faster and loss of water retention increases too.

Also called Scalping, cutting your grass low makes it easy for weeds and pests to settle in quickly. A lawn yard that is often cut very low seldom looks green and healthy long into the future. Lawn mowing experts recommend cutting only about one-third of the length of the grass to get a green and healthy lawn in summer.

To do this successfully requires setting your lawn mower blades correctly at the proper height. In addition, mowing should be based on a schedule. Usually, once or twice a week is best for the lawn because doing more than this could spell doom.

Mow only when the environment is dry and favorable

The best time to mow your lawn is when your yard is not wet. Avoid mowing immediately after it rains or after watering your lawn. Cut grass can cling to your mower blades and clog up the whole cutting mechanism causing problems.

If you must mow when the grass is wet, then it’s necessary to do so only if your lawn yard isn’t flooded and the earth isn’t soggy. A mixture of wet earth and grass is capable of affecting the performance of the mower. In fact, it could result to mechanical damage of the lawn mower.

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