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Get Your Lawn in Perfect Shape Using 5 Lawn Care Ideas

Get Your Lawn in Perfect Shape Using 5 Lawn Care Ideas

A lot of lawn owners spend a lot of time trying to keep their lawn lush and green. Of course, this should be the ideal thing to do but when you consider the fact that your grass basically needs the same basic requirements as weeds to grow, then there is need to go the extra mile always.

Whether you choose to take care of your lawn yourself or use the services of a lawn mowing company Texas, the following 5 lawn care ideas will help you in getting the perfect lawn.

Keep your mower blades sharp

Irrespective of the type of lawn mower you have, it is necessary to ensure the blades are sharp enough for cutting through grass. Dull blades rip and tear the grass stems causing more harm than good.

The best time to sharpen the lawn blades should be before the new season usually after winter and just at the onset of spring. Depending on the type of terrain you have, your lawn mower should be sharpened after any period of storage before use.

To sharpen your mower blades, first, disconnect the power source so it doesn’t come on in error and cause injury to you or someone. Check for rusts, dullness, and oil and sharpen accordingly.

If in doubt about doing this right, you can ask a lawn care expert from professional lawn mowing services in your area to carry out the procedure for you.

be cautious about your mowing height

Your mowing action should be measured in such a way that it cuts your lawn grass evenly so its height is level. In addition, cutting too low should be avoided as much as possible. When done excessively, it can expose your grass to the sun and other elements and this isn’t healthy for the grass.

Over-exposure causes rapid loss of moisture and invasion by pesky weeds whose seeds are carried by agents of propagation. The preferred height to cut your grass is a third of its length during each session.

During early spring, you can mow every 5 days but during summer, once a week is usually best as most grasses usually become dormant and stop growing.

Rake and remove any dead leaves and debris as often as possible

Dead leaves and debris are the most common causes of infested lawns. The argument that dead leaves decompose and add nutrients to the lawn soil is flawed to an extent. Grass clippings are a much better option to use as organic fertilizers.

Dead leaves and other debris can form a layer that dulls the sharpness of a mower blade if left to pile up for long. To avoid this complication, the way to go about your lawn care routine to ensure your lawn looks neat and perfect is to rake it regularly.

Raking can be done by yourself without having to involve a lawn mowing service. The activity has been found to be relaxing and therapeutic according to some lawn owners.

Check soil composition and feed the lawn accordingly

To prepare your lawn grass to be in the best shape possible, every aspect of lawn care has to be looked at including soil composition. There is needed to look at the organic, inorganic and chemical components to know what is lacking and what should be removed from the soil.

Checking soil composition involves running tests you can do yourself or engaging a professional lawn maintenance service to do it for you.

Similarly, fertilizer application should be done as is needed. The fertilizer of choice should contain chemical components which your soil is lacking so as to enrich it properly.

A number of professional lawn mowing services, Dallas offer fertilizer application as part of their services. If you would rather have experts apply fertilizer on your lawn to ensure it is done right, then you should consider your options properly by asking friends and family for recommendations.

Regular watering

Regular, deep watering is required at least once a week for your lawn grass to be at its optimum best in terms of growth and development. Your watering should be dependent on the time of the year.

The summer season will definitely mean your lawn grass will require more watering. Twice weekly watering can be managed if the temperature is quite high. However, there is an exception to watering during dry spells.

Grasses are naturally used to experiencing droughts and will usually bounce back on their own even if you aren’t available to water them.

Regular watering should be done right – a general rule of thumb is to ensure about an inch of water cover the surface of the soil after each watering session. Weekly lawn mowing services can help you to get your lawn in perfect shape.

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