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How To Choose Colors For Your Exterior Walls

As opposed to the interior, where it is easy to repaint walls if you are tired or dislike the color, changing the paint of your exteriors can be an expensive project. In addition, you may desire colors for your exteriors which will keep you happy for a long time.

While it is a challenge to find the right choice, selecting a paint need not be too stressful. Famous exterior designers have recommended the following tips to shop for exterior paint.

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  • Keep in mind any local restrictions

Before you search for some favorite colors- gauche green, baby blue etc, take care to find out if there are any local authority restrictions on the color for exterior walls. This is particularly vital if you reside in a townhouse community, new subdivision or historic area. Mostly in such neighborhoods, there will be stipulations for colors of exterior walls.

  • Compare natural environment

Make an effort to select a color that matches the appearance of your local environment. Bright pastel colors may suit the environs of the tropics but will not look good in cold, wintry areas.

  • Colors in neighbourhood

You must also consider colors of your neighbours’ exterior walls. This is a vital but often overlooked factor in selecting colors. Most of us want our homes to look distinctive but it is accepted that colors of your home must match the colors featuring in the neighbourhood. Hence, conduct a good appraisal of nearby homes, prior to selecting your wall colors.

  • Consider style of home

Some paint colors work best with particular styles of architecture. For instance, formal, colonial houses look good with white paint while Victorian homes look good with bold colors.

  • Consider existing colors

While choosing a paint color, consider colors of unpainted masonry, stones or bricks for your home. In addition, ensure your paint color works with color of your roof or any prominent surface which will not be painted.

  • Make a statement

First impression about your home is the color of exterior walls. Hence you must choose colors that make a statement about your home. Brighter, lighter colors like yellows and whites can make your home appear warm and inviting. On the other hand, darker colors make your homes look small but will also give the impression of solidness and safety.

  • Go white

This color is an all time classic.  No matter what the style of your home, from Mediterranean to the Tropics and contemporary to traditional, white is a classic choice. You can play with colorful architectural details and brightly colored shutters. Such details can be changed easily and provide a sharp, sophisticated look.

  • Group 2 or more colors

By grouping colors, you can reduce the visual mass of your home. One can use a different color for your top floor separated by a trim line from lower floors. This provides a distinct ‘floating quality’ from its base.

  • Go for what you love

This is the last and most enjoyable tip. You have zeroed down to certain colors after following the above tips. You still have a variety of colors to choose from. From these, you can choose a color or colors you love.

If you are still unsure about your color scheme, consult online exterior decore company. They will have many experts to guide your choice.

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