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How to find the stem cell therapy for pets in Houston Texas

How to find the stem cell therapy for pets in Houston Texas

Stem cell therapy is a unique technology used to help dogs and cats with diseases like hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis. Stem cell for pets can also be of benefit in aiding the healing process of pets caused by soft tissue injury to tendons and ligaments. It requires pet anesthesia and the removal of up to two tablespoons of fat from the abdomen or shoulder of the pet.

The stem cells are isolated from the fat within 48 hours of extraction, and it is ready for injection into the affected area. Asides from morphing into any cell type, stem cells block the formation of inflammatory molecules and scar tissue, and they signal the body to produce substances that alleviate pain.

Once stem cell therapy is carried out on your pet, improvement can be noticed within 14 days of treatment. The risk of rejection is ruled out because these pets receive their own cells. Although it is better for your pets to receive treatment within 60 days of injury, stem cell therapy can be helpful in improving older injuries.


Finding stem cell therapy for pets in Houston, Texas is not difficult as there are quite a number of veterinary clinics that provide stem cell therapy for pets. If your cat or dog is in need of a stem cell therapy or you are aware of pets in your neighborhood in need of one, all you need to do is browse the internet for stem cell therapy for dogs near me.

Stem cell therapy centers in Houston, Texas should pop up. From there, you should get the contact address and phone number of whichever one you have picked. The good thing is all your questions can be answered via a call or a visit.

However, a few good veterinary clinics with exceptional stem cell therapying no particular order include;

  1. Safari veterinary care center
  2. Veterans memorial drive animal hospital
  3. Beechnut animal hospital
  4. Memorial animal hospital
  5. Tanglewilde veterinary clinic

These centers employ in-house stem cell treatments for cats and dogs. Generally, once you visit the veterinary doctor, they have to review the condition of your pet (including prognosis) with stem cell therapy. Your pet would be intubated and monitored adequately during the procedure; its heart function and pulse inclusive.

The stem cell therapy treatment should average three to four hours. An intravenous catheter would be used to administer anesthesia to your pet.

Once the fat has been gotten from your pet, it would be moved to the surgery unit where the removed tissue is prepared for the harvest of stem cells. The prepared cells are then injected into the site of injury and recovery time is monitored.

Most of the centers are opened 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Mondays to Fridays and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm or 13:00 pm on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

Stem cell therapy is an exciting method to treat degenerative diseases and is a promising aspect of veterinary medicine.

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