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How To Fix Drainage Issues In Your Yard? 5 Tips For Fixing Standing Water In Cibolo, TX

How To Fix Drainage Issues In Your Yard? 5 Tips For Fixing Standing Water In Cibolo, TX

One of the many issues that Cibolo lawn owners face is drainage issues in the yard. Drainage problems can be as a result of too much rainfall, clogged drainage or damaged sprinklers. Unfortunately, standing water if left unattended can destroy your lawn yard completely. It is important therefore, to know how to fix yard drainage problems ahead of time.

If you have standing water on your lawn, the first step to fixing it is by identifying where the water is coming from. Check for clogged drains, clogged pipes, flooded streams or rivers, malfunctioning sprinkler heads, etc.

The cause of the flooding might even be from a neighbor’s yard. Therefore, it’s important not to take certain things chance. If you are going to fix water drainage problems in a yard, checking its possible sources is the logical first step to take.

Causes of Drainage Problems

You can have drainage problems on your lawn because of several reasons. If you cannot identify where this issue is coming from, hiring a yard service in Cibolo is your best route to go. Below is a list of potential causes of drainage problems:

  1. Poor water management

    If managing water is a challenge for you, a closer look at lawn maintenance in Cibolo might just be the way out. Poor water management concerns your use and management of water on your property. If you’re watering the lawn every day, then you’re certainly doing it wrong and wasting water.

    Water your lawn once per week, twice a week at most and do it in the mornings to encourage maximum absorption before the sun is fully out. In this case, how to fix yard drainage will be to watch your watering schedule.

    Check your grass type too. While some grasses want a lot of water, some other species are okay with less water. Warm season grass like Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, St Augustine and Zoysia typically require more water than their cool season counterparts.

    Consult with yard care in Cibolo to know what works best for your lawn.

    You may also want to check your sprinkler for signs of problems. A faulty sprinkler system can flood your lawn even when it doesn’t need watering. You might want to take a detailed look, watching it spray water according to schedule to see if there’s a problem.

    Check for the following:

    • Spray pattern
    • Damaged heads
    • Dirty and clogged sprinkler heads

    If you’re overwatering your lawn, you’d know because the signs are so obvious to notice. They include:

    • Lawn grass starts turning yellow
    • Spread of fungal infestation
    • Sponge feel when you match on your lawn
    • Weeds and other unwanted plants start taking root in your yard as well
  2. Underground water springs

    If you have underground springs in your area, they can cause drainage problems that are dangerous for your property. Hire a professional lawn maintenance in Cibolo with the experience for such problems. Do not try to solve this issue on your own.

    Signs of living close to an underground spring are easy to notice. It can include the following:

    • Presence of heavy vegetation in a specific part of the yard
    • Presence of insects, birds and animals in a particular area of your yard
    • Ever-present wet condition even during the dry season

    The way out of any drainage problems caused by this will focus on redirecting the water body to a different location away from your house. It’s a tough and costly project you may have to plan for.

  3. Property is on a low spot

    One of the major causes of drainage problems is when your property sits in a valley or at the bottom of an elevated area. Unfortunately, it’s going to serve as a collection point for rain and flood runoffs. To fix drainage problems caused by low spot issues, it’s important to identify where the water is coming from.

    Determine the water pathway then create a way to re-channel it completely. Fixing low spot issues will involve:

    • Grading to keep the water away from your building foundation and basement
    • Create a proper drain system to collect the water before it gets to your property. Consider creating a French Drain, Rain Garden or Dry Well. Any one of these options can absorb or redirect water from pooling at your yard or house.

    Consult with lawn care in Cibolo to see what options will work best for your Cibolo home if you have a low spot property drainage problem.

  4. Roof water problems

    Houses with poor roof drainage are definitely going to have standing water problems. There’s no way to avoid having water pooling in your yard when the house roof cannot drain water properly. To fix water drainage problems in a yard, it’s always important to know how water flows in it.

    If your home has a bad roof drainage, that is the beginning for standing water problems in your yard. The roof gutters have to be working and draining water correctly. Check to see if your gutters are clean and working. In addition to this, also ensure that the downspout extension of your roofing dumps water away from your property’s foundation area.

  5. Landscape border

    Any borders used to contain the vegetation in your home can cause standing water problems. It’s important for such borders to be structured in a way that water cannot sit within it. Ideally, the ground around such borders can be sloped to drain water away from the yard.

  6. Poor soil

    Some soils have water draining capacity. A good example of such soil is clay – this type of soil holds water in place. If the soil in your area has clay in it, soil correction might be what’s needed to stop drainage problems on your lawn. For this, you’ll need the attention of a professional lawn care service to look into it.

    When the soil becomes, it can also lead to a phenomenon known as hardpan, which is caused when the top layer of the soil becomes hardened and impervious to water. When this happens, water drainage is impossible and standing water becomes the outcome. Removing the hardpan might best be done by a yard service in Cibolo to ensure success.

5 Tips to Fixing Standing Water Problems in Cibolo, TX

We recommend these 5 best ways to fix standing water problems in your Cibolo yard.

  1. Water appropriately

    Avoid flooding your lawn with water. Irrigate your lawn at intervals following a proven schedule that works for your grass type and area. Hire lawn mowing in Cibolo to ensure that your sprinkler system spreads water uniformly to the needed areas. Request for checks on your sprinklers to ensure they’re working efficiently.

  2. Unclog drainages and create water pathways

    Hire lawn maintenance in Cibolo to fix clogged drainages. Create water pathways like French drains and Dry wells. French drains and a dry well can also help in fixing standing water issues too. A French drain is a trench filled with rocks and an exit pipe – it’s designed to run water off to a proper drain channel.

  3. Remove thatch and aerate the lawn occasionally

    Engage your lawn care in Cibolo to dethatch your lawn from time to time. Thatch can increase your soil’s ability to hold water. Aeration will also reduce compact soil formation which causes standing water problems. Mow your lawn when necessary, typically once or twice a week. At GoMow Lawn Care Services, we provide one of the best lawn mowing in Cibolo, TX.

  4. Ensure roof drainage is functional

    Your house roofing can cause drainage problems when it becomes bad. Ideally, your roof gutters are designed to remove water away from your basement and foundation area to a safe space in your yard where the water drains away. Take adequate care of your gutters and downspouts. Either clean it gutter yourself or hire a professional to do so. Oftentimes, gutters become clogged by debris and require cleaning using a hand trowel or similar tool.

  5. Create a Rain Garden

    Consider creating a rain garden where rain water can be channeled to for proper absorption. Rain gardens are natural-looking, man-made habitats designed to contain biodiversity, usually exotic plants, birds, and certain trees. Rain drains can absorb a great deal of water without leaving any of it standing. Consider investing in building one if everything else has failed to work for your yard.

    Drainage problems can hurt your lawn badly if allowed to linger. Therefore, it’s important to get across to a professional lawn care service if you notice a consistent drainage problem.

For all your needs relating to lawn mowing in Cibolo, GoMow Lawn Care Service is available to provide assistance.

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