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How to keep lawn green in the summer heat in San Antonio?

How to keep lawn green in the summer heat in San Antonio?

Keeping your lawn green and healthy in summer requires dedication and a true appreciation of nature in all its glorious beauty. If you own a lawn yard in San Antonio, this post will serve as a guide to keeping it green and healthy even in the summer heat. Of course, most of the hard lifting will be done by your chosen lawn mowing company in San Antonio.

The important thing is to ensure that your lawn is healthy all year long, regardless of the heat or stress it passes through during the year.

Read on below to learn some of the activities required to keep your lawn in good shape in the summer heat.

Pick the right grass species

Grasses respond differently to heat, while some like Buffalo and Bermuda grass love the sun and head, Tall fescue and Zoysia prefer shade. Finding out the type of grass that grows best in your area is important to keeping it healthy when the heat of summer comes. Warm-season grasses will have no trouble coping with the heat, unlike cool-season ones that prefer cool temperatures. If in some confusion, your lawn mowing service can serve as an advisor on your best options.

Water your lawns correctly

With summer in full swing and the sun blazing hot, your lawn needs an adequate watering system to keep it properly hydrated. Lack of water is the first cause of browned out lawns during summer. Watering should be done three times a week in order to give your lawn a chance of survival. The recommended time of the day for watering is in the morning when the sun is yet to become too hot to evaporate the water as soon as it drops. Doing this in the morning also gives your lawn the chance to utilize the water early for its activities as the sun is rising.

Generally, it’s advisable to water the lawn to soak it deeply, with the water level above the ground by an inch. Don’t water too frequently or your lawn will get used to the availability of water Deep but infrequent watering helps your lawn grass to develop deep roots that can grow deep into the ground to survive droughts when there’s no water. However, care must also be taken not overflood your lawn yard with more water than it can handle as this will cause other problems.

Reduce water runoffs

Watering is great for optimal growth of the lawn but doing it heavily should be avoided. It can cause situations where the water then runs off the lawn yard down the street, into gutters and other areas. This can cause leaching of nutrients and other essential bodies that keep the grass ecosystem great.

Fertilization is important

While it’s okay to allow you to grow naturally on its own, it’s also important to provide it with support in the form of fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are the ideal choice because of their ability to break down completely with no toxic leftovers when used on plants. When you fertilize your lawn in the summer, you’re preparing it to keep growing great even as temperatures become inconvenient. You want your lawn to be nourished all through the lawn care season. Fertilization should be done at least once during summer to replenish any form of nutrient depletion that’s likely to occur. For best results, follow the recommendations of a proven lawn care company in your area.

Tackle weeds effectively

Weeds will cause problems on your lawn is summer if treated with any leniency. We advise tackling weeds as soon as they appear. Removal can be done by implementing pre-emergent weed killers so they don’t sprout in the first place. Other means of removal include manual pulling from the roots by hand, topical application of weed killers, and application of post-emergents. If possible, consider a chemical weed killer as a last option if nothing else works. In this case, pre-emergents are your best bet.

Mow right

As soon as you begin mowing the grass, it’s necessary to allow it to grow in a bit before each mowing session. Doing this helps the lawn avoid getting stressed or worse, scalped from too much mowing which can cause other problems. Cut the grass higher than normal so the grass has enough foliage for photosynthetic activities, cover the soil completely, and thick enough to choke out weeds and pests. Mowing can be done once a week depending on what’s best for your lawn or as recommended by a top lawn mowing service in your area. GoMow Lawn Mowing offers a professional but affordable lawn mowing in the Texas area.

Eradicate pests and keep your lawn free of them

Pests such as ants, grubs, and bugs can cause havoc on your lawn or attract their predators to your lawn if left unchecked. It’s important to be on the check for pests and take them out as soon as you notice them. Nobody wants a lawn infested by unpleasant insects and animals that can cause them problems. To effectively tackle pest problems on your summer lawn, consult a lawn care company experienced in this aspect of lawn maintenance and management. DIY approaches might lead to mistakes so it’s best left for the lawn care experts to tackle it.

Do repairs on your lawn for all summer activities

Summer is a busy time of the year and if you own turf, it’s highly likely that it will be the venue for a lot of activities like family and friendly get-togethers, barbecuing, playing, and what-not. All these activities, as lovely as they are, will take a toll on your lawn during and after summer. Therefore, it’s important to treat your lawn for repairs after the summer season. Consider over-seeding or re-seeding as the case may be, to repair your lawn and get it to its best state during and after summer.

Understanding your lawn and its uniqueness is important to giving it the best care it deserves.

GoMow Lawn Mowing is available to provide the best lawn mowing services to keep your lawn green in the summer heat in San Antonio and many other areas of Texas.

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