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How to keep your pet cool in the Summer heat, Texas? What you need to know

How to keep your pet cool in the Summer heat, Texas? What you need to know

Summer time is undoubtedly the warmest season of the year and the period when the most affordable pet clinic receives the most visits. A significant change in temperature affects dogs and cats. And that is why vets get lots of appointments during this period.

Whenever you see your cat grooming herself more often, the summer heat may be getting to your feline. Grooming from time to time is your cat’s way of cooling down. And as the vet in your local animal vet clinic will inform you, there is no cause for alarm when you notice this change in care.

Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Cool During Summer

However, you can help your pet become more comfortable during the summer. A relaxed feline or canine will give you more peace of mind than a fussy one.

Therefore, these tips will help your cat or dog prevent heatstroke and dehydration in the summer heat. Follow them tips every summer, and your pet will always have a perfect summer:

  • Always add some cubes of ice to your pet’s water bowl. This ensures that the water is always cold. Make sure you change the bowl from time to time to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria.
  • Do you open your windows at home during the summer? If you do, make sure you have a secure screen installed to prevent an escape.
  • Ensure your home is always cool by using air-conditioners or fans to keep the temperature down.
  • If your pet is going to play outside, use a recommended, pet-safe sunscreen. No pet is immune to sunburns; apply sunscreen to your pet’s nose and ears.
  • Minimize activity at home. Most dogs and cats love to run around and play. But this could be a strenuous and exhausting activity in summer. Therefore, train your cat or canine friend to take it easy on hot summer days.
  • Freeze some water bottles by placing them in your refrigerator or deep freezer. Frozen water bottles can be used to cool your pets down by wrapping the bottles in towels.

What You Should Never Do

If you don’t want to have a reason to visit the nearest animal vet clinic, don’t do the following:

  • Never leave your pet in a parked vehicle, even if the windows are open. Cars parked outside during summer can serve as dangerous heat chambers for dogs and cats. And this can severely affect the overall health of your pet.
  • Do not ignore even the faintest symptoms of heatstroke in your pet. Signs of heatstroke include drooling, heavy panting, walking in a funny way, red gums, and vomiting.
    If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in your cat or dog, take them to the local animal vet clinic right away!
  • Never forget to always leave fresh and clean water for your pet. Dehydration in pets can be as dangerous and debilitating as in humans.


There you have it: the top tips that ensure your pet remains comfortable during summer, thereby preventing dehydration as well as heatstroke.

With these tips, your pet may stay healthy throughout the summer. But if your pet suffers dehydration or heat stroke, ensure you visit the nearest affordable pet clinic near you.

Need more information about keeping your pet cool in the summer heat? Safari Veterinary Care Center has got you covered! Get in touch with us.

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