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How to make your lawn care season great in Texas

How to make your lawn care season great in Texas

How to make your lawn care season great in Texas

If like every other lawn owner in Texas, you need your lawn care season to be great then read this post carefully. We have outlined seven tips you can count on to make your lawn care season awesome in Texas. At first, it might look like a lot of work, especially if you happen to be a busy, working-class person. However, hiring a lawn care company in your area can put your mind at ease.

We believe that every lawn owner deserves the peace of mind and a beautiful lawn. This can only happen when you hire a professional lawn care service to do your lawn. Based on recent studies, the best lawn season in Texas will typically carry out the following:

Apply fertilizers as when needed and all year-round

Fertilizer application should be done at any time of the year to keep your soil’s nutrient level up. Grasses need nutrients all the time and if there’s a lack at any time, it will reflect on the health of the grass. Carry out periodic inspections first of all before applying fertilizers. This inspection should be done by a professional lawn care company experienced in these matters. After inspections, a suitable fertilizer type should be recommended for use on the lawn if necessary.

Take weed control seriously

Weeds can make your lawn care season a horrible one if allowed to grow freely due to negligence. The best way to tackle such a problem is to introduce pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control agents. Pre-emergent agents will kill weed seedling before they even sprout. This type of weed killer agent helps you control weeds before things get out of hand. Post-emergent weed control agents will kill the weeds as they emerge from the earth. Both are very effective and should be used as advised by a professional lawn care service. Other alternative weed control methods include pulling by hand, applying topical weed killers, and planting close-growing species that can choke off their weed competition.

Avoid mowing your lawn too often or too low

Anyone of these reasons will cause problems for your lawn care season. Mowing too low will expose your grass unnecessarily to the elements. Increased exposure means increased evaporation and drying up of the grass. Weeds will also find it easier to encroach into sparsely-growing lawns than thickly, full ones. Mowing too frequently will mean cutting the lawn before it grows long enough and the result would be as disastrous as scalping it from the onset.

For a great lawn care season, we advise mowing only once a week and only to the recommended one-third length of the grass. Grass clippings from mowing should also be left on the grass to decompose as organic nutrients and increase the texture of the soil and its water-retaining capacity.

Water consistently and appropriately through the season

Regular watering is essential to a successful lawn care season. Water consistently, all year long to maintain healthy soil and grass. Once a week is usually enough to keep your lawn hydrated and in good shape during winter. For summer, you can raise it to two or three times but be careful not to overwhelm your lawn yard by flooding it. Over-watering can lead to the development of lawn diseases.

The water level is expected to be one inch above the soil after irrigating the lawn to avoid the risk of flooding it. An installed sprinkler system by a lawn mowing service of your preference can be set to release water in the mornings and evenings depending on the relevant temperature of your area.

Tackle lawn diseases as soon as they’re noticed

Early detection and treatment of lawn diseases will determine how well your lawn yard copes with such challenges. If you carry out lawn inspection regularly, this wouldn’t be a problem as it’s likely that you’d notice on time if something was amiss. An affordable lawn mowing service provider can carry out the inspection on your lawn regularly for the best results. If you’re looking to treat lawn disease, only hire a lawn care company with a track record of results to their name.

As it stands, we strongly believe you now know the actions to take to enjoy a great lawn care season in Texas. Your best bet still remains handing over your lawn care needs to professional lawn maintenance services to manage.

So are you ready to get started now?

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