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How to recover dormant grass in Plano, Texas

It’s quite normal for grass to become dormant at a point in their cycle. When this happens, you’d find out that it becomes brown, dry, and quite lifeless. This often happens when the weather becomes extremely hot or cold for extended periods of time.

If your lawn is experiencing dormancy, your best bet to get it out of it is to continue applying lawn care. It’s advised to continue lawn care practices like mowing, watering, weed removal, and fertilizer application. Over time, doing this will reduce the dormancy time and your grass will be in good shape.

In this post, we have discussed the steps anyone can take, to get their dormant lawn to be healthier and green once again.

These steps can be taken when you hire a professional lawn care service:

Apply consistent water

It’s important to water down the lawn consistently when it goes into dormancy. Consider doing this consistently for 4-5 to weeks and in time, the grass will get revitalized and stay alive during the period. Dormancy often happens when there is very minimal water availability in the area.

Fertilize your lawn

Apply fertilizer with moderation when your grass is dormant. When fertilizer is introduced excessively, it can lead to the quick growth of weeds and the likes while your grass is dormant. If possible, stay away from nitrogen fertilizers because they can cause more harm than good.

Control Weeds

It’s important to watch out for weeds when your grass is dormant. Weeds compete with your grass for survival and take nutrients meant for your plants. Apply weed control measures to keep weeds away from your lawn as much as possible. You wouldn’t want to battle weeds in addition to dormancy.

Don’t stop mowing

In a case where you’re too busy to mow consistently, a good option is to hire a lawn care service in Plano, TX.

Reduce foot traffic on the lawn

When grass is dormant, it’s necessary to reduce the amount of foot traffic experienced by your lawn. Regular traffic on the grass stresses it further and increases the risk of dehydration.

Give it time and be patient

Above all, you might want to give your dormant grass more time to recover. A bit of patience helps in lawn care. Dormant grass will not recover right away so put in the work then give it time and in time, your grass will grow nut of the dormancy.

Final words

Getting your dormant lawn out of dormancy doesn’t happen immediately but following the best lawn care processes can make it happen fast. It will take consistent lawn care, time, and dedication to make it happen. If you need professional lawn mowing in Plano, GoMow Lawn offers an expert lawn maintenance service.

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