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How to Take Care of Your Pet during Weather Emergencies

No one likes to encounter severe weather, as it can be frightening and stressful for you and your pet. Pets can quickly get hurt or lost when weather emergencies arise, but getting prepared guarantees safety according to the Pet Health Care League City.

What to Do Before Bad Weather Hits

As a pet owner, if you are not able to visit veterinary care center during weather emergency, proper preparation is required. Severe weather such as a tornado, wildfire, hurricane, blizzard, or flood can occur at any time.200

So, follow these recommended tips as highlighted by the Pet Health Care League City:

Ensure Your Pet is Well-Trained

Is your pet well-trained and socialized? This is important as they are less likely to panic when there is a weather emergency.

Well-trained pets usually build stable bonds with their owners, as stated by seasoned vets in League City TX. They will heavily rely on you in uncertain situations.

Get an Emergency Kit Ready

Every human needs an emergency kit, and so does your beloved canine friend.

Get an emergency kit for your beloved canine companion. Make sure it contains enough food, water, some treats, and essential medications. Rotate these supplies from time to time as recommended by League City Veterinarians so that they remain fresh.

Make sure the emergency kit contains a recent photograph of your pet for easy identification. It should also have toys for distraction and the contact information of the nearest veterinary care center or pet-friendly shelter.

Use a Microchip

You can take your pet to the League City veterinary clinic and have a microchip inserted under the skin. This microchip can be programmed with your unique contact details and a unique number.

This helps to reunite you with your pet in case they get lost during severe weather conditions. It is also safer to use a microchip since a collar can easily be removed.

Unusual weather conditions can result in the outbreak of diseases. Pets have been contaminated with other animals and rodents carrying bacteria in the past.

Make sure you vaccinate your pet from time to time and keep a record close by. You may need to provide them during severe weather emergencies.

How to Weather the Storm

Pets – and humans as well – panic easily when weather emergencies hits. You can do the following to ensure the safety of your pet:

Always Be in Control of Your Pet

Control your pet at all times so that you can reduce the risk of your canine companion escaping. Use a strong leash if you must go for a walk. For quick evacuation, keep your pet in a carrier or crate.

Ensure Their License is Attached Firmly

Make the license – and contact information – of your pet is always attached to your pet during weather emergencies.

This makes it easy to locate your residence in case your pet runs off and can’t find their way home because of blocked routes or different smells.

Stow Away Your Pet in a Soundproof Room

Heavy rain and thunder easily spook pets. So, consider placing your pet in a soundproof or an interior room in your home.

You can add a low-volume radio or a small fan to block out the sudden rumbles of thunder that may startle your pet.

What You Should Do in the Wake of the Weather Emergency

These are the first things you should do in the aftermath of a severe weather situation:


It usually takes some time to recuperate from a weather emergency. However, if you have prepared your pet – in advance – for such an event, you and your pet will recover quickly. Visit Safari Veterinary Care Centers today for your pet health care plans.

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