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Is Your Yard Ready For Spring? Here’s Your Ultimate Spring Clean-up Checklist For Boerne, TX

Is Your Yard Ready For Spring? Here’s Your Ultimate Spring Clean-up Checklist For Boerne, TX

Are you a Boerne lawn owner getting ready for spring? We have compiled everything you need to know to get your lawn yard ready for the new season. Whether you’re a new lawn owner or you’re experienced in lawn care, it’s guaranteed that you will pick a thing or two from this post.

Typically, a spring lawn clean-up checklist will include any of the activities in this list which are crucial to get your lawn ready for the new season. You can either do it yourself or better yet, hire a lawn service in Boerne for this exercise.

Anyway, here is your spring yard clean up checklist:

Take out debris, both organic and inorganic items

Winter season leaves a lot of debris on the lawn surface. Therefore, it’s necessary to remove these unwanted elements from your lawn just before spring lawn care in Boerne commences. If you’re doing spring lawn cleanup yourself, dressing appropriately is important. Invest in heavy-duty work gloves, work boots, and overalls.

Tools needed include shovels, carry-pans, and a rake. Remove organic materials like dead leaves, branches, animal wastes, and other plant matter.

Rake leaves and everything else off your lawn, bag them, and dispose properly to avoid any contamination. Also, use this opportunity to do a bit of dethatching and composting if it can be managed. Lawn care in Boerne is straight forward when you hire professionals to do their job.

Prepare and fertilize the lawn

Prepare your lawn for the coming spring season. Introduce fertilize to fortify your lawn soil adequately for the new season. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended to build compost as it favors your lawn better in the long run. Compost acts as a slow-acting, natural fertilizer that benefits your lawn over a long period of time with little risks.

Tackle weeds early to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your lawn too. If there is no massive infestation of weeds, avoid chemical weed removal methods unless applied by professionals.

For lawns experiencing a weed problem, check yard maintenance services in Boerne to find one that offers special chemical weed removal services, and do your due diligence afterward before hiring them to tackle weeds.

Overseed your lawn

The third task on this spring yard cleanup checklist entails overseeding your grass with fresh seedlings in order to recover bare places left over from the previous season. Consider adding trees, shrubs, and other perennial plants that improve the value and look of your landscape during the season.

  • Overseeding comes with several benefits
  • Improving the look of your lawn
  • Filling out your grass
  • Preventing weeds from gaining grounds
  • Enhances the durability of the lawn

Face weeds and pests early

Regarding tackling weeds and pests, early detection and treatment are crucial. If you take preventive action before they ever appear, dealing with weeds can be considerably simpler. While landscape fabric and mulch are effective in garden beds, they are not suitable for lawns. This is where pre-emergent herbicides come in, especially for controlling crabgrass.

“Pre-emergent herbicides must be applied at the right time to effectively manage crabgrass. Once the soil reaches a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, crabgrass seeds begin to germinate. Application of the pre-emergent herbicide prior to the occurrence of this temperature threshold, usually in the spring, is essential for the successful control of crabgrass.”

Pests, in addition to weeds, can be a major problem in gardens. Plant damage from lead-eating pests is a widespread issue. Homeowners can employ yard maintenance services that offer animal control if these certain animals are proving a problem.

In all, the first course of action in eradicating pests is to go through a biological solution. If this fails, a more effective option usually involving stringent means can be deployed by your yard mowing service.

Prune your trees to lighten up darkened spots

Having a tree in your lawn space can be beautiful. Trees provide natural shade and it’s a perfect place to relax after a hectic day. If you have a lawn yard with a lot of trees, keeping the grass thick and green will pose a challenge, especially in areas where the tree provides shade from the sun. At the end of the day, you have to decide what you truly need – a shaded patchy lawn or a healthy lawn.

Prune the lawn to create more space for proper light diffusion to the plants at the floor of the yard. Pruning involves cutting off the top branches of a tree thereby raising the canopy to create room.


To sum up, a complete spring yard cleanup is an essential step in getting your outside space ready for the forthcoming warmer months. You may create a tidy, healthful, and welcoming atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy during the spring and summer by carrying out the necessary tasks described in this article.

Keep in mind to start by removing waste, trimming plants, and getting your soil ready for fresh development. Don’t forget to check your lawn for any indications of damage or pest problems and take fast action. In order to prevent weeds and keep moisture, take the time to inspect your garden beds and think about applying fresh mulch.

Planting fresh flowers, shrubs, or veggies that can revitalize your landscape in the spring is another excellent suggestion. By adding new plants that will thrive in the coming season, such as flowers, shrubs, or vegetables, spring is also a great time to refresh your landscape. Make careful you select plants that are suitable for your region’s climate and think about including native species to benefit regional wildlife.

Last but not least, always put safety first by using the right procedures when using tools and equipment and by donning the required protective clothing for any yard maintenance service activities.

You may improve the aesthetics of your outside area and establish the groundwork for a happy and flourishing landscape by devoting time and effort to a thorough spring yard cleanup. So put on your gardening gloves, gather your equipment, and get ready to turn your yard into a thriving retreat that you can enjoy all year long.

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