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Know These 5 Tips While Choosing A Reliable NYC Commercial Mover

Are you about to relocate your office sometime soon? Have you already informed your employees, vendors and regular clients? Well, now it’s time that you look for a commercial mover. Office moving is a huge thing and even if you have an army of staff to help in the process- it’s better you hire a professional mover for the heavy lifting. There is no dearth of moving companies around but not all of them are equipped to help you with an efficient office move.  The post below outlines the 6 basic tips to take care of while choosing a commercial moving company.

Get a comparative research

Moving Companies

It takes little time to choose a reliable moving company for your office relocation. You should proceed with a thorough comparative study on minimum 5 moving companies before the final decision. One can easily search and study several moving companies online. There are moving company directories over the web where you can meet and research on multiple Shaddai Moving Companies. Study their reputation, follow customer testimonials, their experience and certifications.

Your chosen company should be a name of repute in the industry backed by a wide range of happy company-clients. Besides, the firm should be in the business for more than 3 years.

Does it specialize in commercial move?

This is one of the most important things to check out while choosing a moving company for your office. A residential mover, no matter how efficient, won’t be exactly suitable for a commercial move. So, make sure the selected mover carries enormous experience in commercial moving.

Is it an interstate move?

If it’s an interstate move, make sure your chosen company carries the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license. A reliable company would be happy to show its license to establish credibility. Also, the company should be experienced in smooth interstate commercial moves.

Insurance for cargo

This is another important point while you are looking for a credible commercial moving company. From the series of PCs to the photocopy machine to printer to scanner – your office has got tons of high end items that demand extra care while hauling. Any wrong step on part of the moving company, can mean serious damage to those equipments. But that doesn’t mean you will have to pay the price. Thus, make sure beforehand that your chosen commercial mover is backed by a solid cargo insurance guarantee.

Written estimate

A reliable moving company will usually offer a written estimate of the whole service and rates before it asks you to finalize the deal. Make sure your chosen mover also follows a similar practice. A reliable moving company would generally send a written estimate after a thorough observation of your office. Don’t trust those that send a generic flat estimate. Every move is different and hence customized service and rates. Thus, only trust a mover who sends you tailor made estimate after a thorough mapping of your premise and specific moving needs.

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