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Lawn care advice: 10 ways to make your yard look fantastic in 2020

Lawn care advice: 10 ways to make your yard look fantastic in 2020

In 2020, the plan is to keep our lawn yards lovely and fantastic-looking. If you’d love to be a part of this train, we have done justice to 10 ways you can make your lawn yard look superb in 2020. Yard care isn’t rocket science and with the help of this information and an affordable lawn care service in Texas, your lawn is definitely going to look awesome!

Read on:

Fertilizer application

Fertilizers when applied properly will enrich your lawn and help it grow thick, full, and healthy. Lawns need nutrient replenishment as the season goes by so applying fertilizer will sort out this need. With regular application when needed, your lawn will maintain a rich deep-green, healthy color and grow thickly to push away weeds. Consider fertilization at least once a year to keep your lawn in the best shape possible. If you need to apply fertilizers on your lawn, work closely with your lawn care service to avoid mistakes.

Use a rotary spreader or broadcaster for our fertilizer application

If you’re looking to fertilize your lawn, consider using a rotary or broadcast spreader for an even fertilizer spread on it. Fill up the hopper and ensure it is closed before starting up the spreader. Fertilizer should be spread around the edges first before gradually moving into the inner turf. Disperse fertilizer in an over-lapping motion for an even spread.

A combination of fertilizer and water application

A lawn care tip to keep your lawn great is to water your lawn a day or two before applying fertilizer on it. The water soaks the earth and grass making it easy for the fertilizer granules to stick to it. Permeation of nutrients through the soil and in the grass plants is more rapid when there’s moisture. Watering should be done by carrying out this activity when there’s a prediction for rain or simply by using a precisely-placed sprinkler system.


Grass-cycling does a great job of naturally improving the nutrient level and water-retention capacity of your lawn over time. It simply refers to returning or allowing your grass clippings to remain on the lawn surface after cutting them. Studies have shown that grass clippings can contribute about 25% of your grass’ fertilizer needs. To practice lawn grass recycling, use a mulching mower to mow your grass. If you have a lawn mowing service working for you then ensure they carry out lawn recycling by using a mulching mower.

Keep the lawn yard clean always

Lawn care isn’t complete without lawn care cleaning to keep the yard free of disease and pest infestations. Dirt and debris attract insects and other pests; the disease can also fester when the environment isn’t clean enough. A bi-weekly cleaning schedule by your lawn maintenance service can put things in check very quickly. Cleaning can be done immediately after every lawn mowing session instead of a separate activity so it would be less expensive to handle.

Weed removal

Removal of weed from your lawn yard is a must if you really want a fantastic lawn. Weeds compete actively with your grass for nutrients and if care is not taken, they end up choking your lawn grass or depriving them of said nutrients. Weeding should be done by using manual removal methods, weed killers or simply growing your grass thickly to choke off any intruding plants. Lawn care services in Austin, TX can help with the best weed removal technique that’s best applicable to your lawn yard.

Watering regularly

Watering is an essential lawn care activity to keep your lawn moisturized and in good shape. If you’re looking to have your lawn looking green, healthy and in great shape always, consider regular watering. At least carry out watering once or twice a week in the mornings when the temperature is low to avoid evaporation. Water the lawn to soak and the water level to be about an inch above the lawn surface then allow it to soak through.

Aerate the lawn soil to increase the permeability

After a while, your lawn soil is bound to become compacted from all the activity on top of it. Compacted the soil doesn’t allow ease of nutrient osmosis and water permeability. Aeration is the process of a break up these clumps to counter this compaction and increase the permeability of nutrients, gases, and water through your soil. Lawn aeration can be carried out by a lawn maintenance service at least once a year.

Lawn mowing must be done regularly

The top activity that will put your lawn in the best shape is lawn mowing – regular lawn mowing. Mowing should be done once or twice a week depending on how fast your lawn grass grows. Most lawn mowing services in Texas offer different lawn mowing packages that can fit your needs even if you’re on a budget. Pick an affordable lawn care plan and enjoy the joys of owning a fantastic lawn yard in your neighborhood. GoMow offers a professional lawn mowing service that comes highly recommended by many homeowners.

Hire a professional lawn mowing service

Lastly, don’t handle your lawn maintenance by yourself if you can help it. Work with lawn care professionals who are experienced in the business and will give you the best experience. Many lawn care services offer quality work and will deliver when hired. GoMow Lawn Mowing Services, TX offers a professional lawn service guaranteed to save you from the mistakes of trial and error when doing DIY lawn care.

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