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Give your lawn the pinkish glow of health with proven methods

As a proud Austin homeowner, you need to invest quality time in maintaining your lawn. Verdant lawns retain water which brings down storm runoff, consequently improving the quality of water. Lawns induce substantial cooling effect, generate oxygen, prevents dust from getting airborne, promotes health fostering microbes, serve as a filter for rainwater pollutants, and prevent erosion of fertile top layer. You can spend quality time with your family members and pets on the lush lawn. This makes it imperative to care for the lawn. If you are not able to maintain the lawn, you can delegate the job to lawn mowing Austin services, whose certified professionals would meticulously tend the lawn.

Maintaining a healthy lawn

Assess the acidic content of lawn soil

A healthy lawn exhibits natural resistance to weeds, disease-causing germs, and insects. The pH of the soil must be between 6.5-7.0. If the pH reading indicates an excess of acid, consider lime sprinkling or if the acid content is low, add sulphur. You can get the soil professionally tested by a staff of lawn care service Austin.

Aerate the lawn soil

The soil of the lawn must be loamy with a balanced mixture of sand, clay, and silt. An abundance of clay will result in compacting of the soil which would restrict unhindered nutrient and air flow. If the soil is compact, reach for the professional help of lawn care guys. They will aerate the soil by lifting small turf plugs with the intent of creating spaces for air to circulate in the soil. Aeration will give best results if it is carried out prior to the dressing off and fertilizing of the top soil layer.

Organic fertilization

Lawn soil can be adequately fertilized by an addition of compost, grass clippings, and other organic matter. They serve to lighten the soil by balancing the heaviness induced by clay. The humus build-up in sandy soil leads to better retention of nutrients and water. Lawn Mowing Austin services have specialized lawn mowers that come attached with mulching components. This attachment shreds the organic clippings and disperses them in a balanced manner while mowing the lawn.

Choosing the best grass type

Every type of grass is not fit for the lawn. Lawn care Service Austin will offer you insights regarding the strategic grass type that would give your lawn the vibrant flourish. The best grass type for your lawn needs to be selected by factoring in its compatibility with the climate of Austin, the quantum of nutrients and water needed at fixed intervals, tolerance to shade, resistance to wear etc.

Mow your lawn strategically

Deep and frequent mowing of the lawn would cause exposure of the surface roots which will conduce to faster drying out of the soil, thereby compromising surface aeration. At any point of time, mowing should not result in cutting off of grass by more than 1/3rd of its length. Healthiest turf grasses have a height of 2.5 to 3.5”. After the growth for the season is over, mow the lawn grass to approximately 2” height.

Lawn care Austin can be contacted anytime to get the lawn dressed strategically for optimum and healthy growth.

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