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Lawn Mowing in Farmers Branch – Basics Every Lawn Owner should know

Lawn Mowing in Farmers Branch – Basics Every Lawn Owner should know

Having a beautiful lawn is not just in the hands of your lawn mowing service of choice. It is a shared responsibility between the lawn owner and the lawn service center being used.

To have the best looking lawn, a decent amount of work has to be put in. Lawn Mowing services offer the following tips as basics every lawn owner should know to take good care of their lawn.

These are simple, easy-to-follow steps that are guaranteed to give you that dream lawn yard you have always wanted.

Most lawn maintenance service advice that you test and prepare your soil first

The first step to having an awesome lawn is to know the type of soil you have and its corresponding pH. If you don’t have this information, you will be getting it all wrong from the onset.

“Some grass types perform best on setting soil types so it’s important you know the type of soil in your yard”

You can get DIY test kits from any lawn maintenance service near you for cheap. For more advanced tests, consider getting a professional lawn care service in Farmers Branch to get it done.

Plant your grass seeds to grow your lawn

This one sounds easy enough – to have a lawn yard, you need to plant grass seedlings for it. There are several ways of doing this. One involves dispersal of seeds either by hand or machine while the other involves spreading already prepared sod carpet over your land.

A lawn maintenance service close to your area can handle this for you if you have a large yard. No worries there.

Use a professional lawn mowing service to keep your lawn neat and healthy-looking

This one is a no-brainer really. It’s great to mow your lawn yourself if you have the expertise or experience.

But for best results, leave it for the experts; it’s their area of specialization. Using the services of a lawn care center means you get experts who know how best to mow lawn take care of your lawn.

A common error many lawn owners make is to cut their lawn too close to the ground. Cutting low exposes your grass unnecessarily to the heat of the sun, causing water loss, drying up of the grass and weed encroachment due to the open spaces.

“The ideal height to cut your lawn is to ensure your mower blades cut only a third of the grass length during each mowing session”

GoMow’s lawn care service, Farmer Branch is available for residents who need affordable and professional lawn mowing in that area.

Fertilizer application sustains and enriches your lawn when done right

Just like we humans need vitamins and minerals for optimal development, your lawn requires fertilizer application from time to time to look and grow great.

“Organic fertilizers are your best bet when planning to feed your lawn. They decompose completely, leaving no toxic wastes behind”

Twice yearly fertilizer application will so a lot of wonders for your lawn. For proper guidance on how to get started, think organic but first consult your local lawn maintenance service.

Proper watering can make all the difference

Your lawn grass needs regularly-timed watering to grow properly. Watering is best done by spraying to cover your earth at least by an inch of water.

Timing is also important for best results. In the morning and evenings when the sun isn’t yet at its hottest are the ideal times to water your lawn.

“Water deeply during each session, at least once a week so the roots of your grasses grow longer downward and gets used to searching for water”

Weeding and pest control

Pesky weeds and pests are the banes of having a beautiful, lush lawn. To combat this naturally, you should ensure your lawn grass is grown to be thick and full with little space in it.

“A full, thickly-grown lawn chokes out any invading weed plant naturally by starving it off resources in competition.”

In a case where the weeds have already taken root, you can either use a selective herbicide to eradicate them or manually pull them out, roots and all by hand. Not exactly an easy task but with help, it can be done and has proven effective if done right.

Pests can be tackled by keeping the lawn free of debris, using carefully-selected short term pesticides and introducing biological agents to wipe them off.

In all cases, consulting with a professional lawn care service will provide a solution, all things being equal.

Do you need a professional lawn care service in Farmers Branch? Contact GoMow Lawn Mowing Service but first, take note of these basics every lawn owner should know!

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