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Month-by-month Lawn Care Checklist for Austin Residents

Month-by-month Lawn Care Checklist for Austin Residents

Timing and knowledge of the seasons are important to your lawn’s health performance. Therefore, it’s crucial for lawn owners in Austin to understand the seasons of the year and how different lawn care routines are required to care adequately for their lawn.

For example, winter lawn care differs from summer lawn care activities.

As lawn owner, knowing this is usually an advantage especially if you’re going the DIY path rather than using a lawn mowing service in Austin, Texas.

In addition, certain grass species grow best in certain areas more than others which means knowing about this could save you from making mistakes.

In this post, we have discussed how having a monthly lawn care checklist can be highly effective for Austin residents who want the best for their lawns.

We have covered the majority of activities needed to care and maintain your lawn whether or not you’re using a lawn service in Austin, Texas.

Generally, the month of the year, the specie of grass and the prevailing weather conditions determine the lawn activities needed to be performed at any given time.


Firstly, this is the time to prepare your lawn care tools for the New Year. Clean, sharpen and oil lawn mowers, mulchers, aerators, and other equipment.

Start Deicing frozen spots carefully either with Deicing salt or any other known element. Austin lawn, like most lawns, can be very sensitive.

Reduce the rate of traffic on the lawn to minimize the effect of stress on the grass. No frequent walking or moving about of man, animal or machine.


Run some tests on the soil to check for stress or faults that might manifest later in the year. Some lawn care services in Austin advice running tests every 3 years but doing it annually isn’t a bad idea as things can change in a year.

Flood your lawn with water to dilute any pollutants like salt or chemicals.


As snow and ice are diminishing, consider raking all debris from the lawn to keep it clear of possible contaminants.

Treat any fungal growth like lawn moss and fortify your lawn with fertilizers or lime as the case may be.


Initiate first mowing at a low height and ensure all grass clippings are removed because of possible contamination.

Get an Austin lawn service to repair any bare spots on your lawn.

Apply Pre-emergent herbicides to tackle any invading weeds.


Commence full mowing activities but maintain the recommended grass height. Grass clippings can also be left on the lawn surface to further enrich it.

Apply organic fertilizers accordingly using the results of your soil test as a reference.

Eradicate weeds as soon as they’re detected using post-emergent herbicides.


Take lawn watering seriously in June. Your lawn will benefit greatly from at least one-inch water above its surface once every week. If your availability is a problem, hiring a GoMow lawn care service Texas will put things to right.

Mowing should also be done regularly and properly.


This is the peak of summer so consider watering more without flooding your lawn yard.

Stick to the recommended mowing height of one-third the length of your grass. The sun is usually very hot at this time and cutting too low could lead to unnecessary exposure of your grass which isn’t healthy for it.

Treat for pests and other unfriendlies using organic pesticides. If in need of professional advice, engage a recommended lawn service company in Austin.


Test your soil again if it shows signs of stress from summer.

Aeration should be considered at this point. It is possible your soil would have become compacted especially if there’s been a lot of foot traffic.

Overseed bare or dried out areas after identifying and treating causes. An Austin landscaping company can take care of this in no time.


Due to a lower temperature, consider Overseeding with cool weather grass seeds.

Apply fertilizers to enrich the soil again and tackle weeds with spot-on Pre-emergent herbicides.

Mowing should continue as usual.


Reduce watering to once in 2 weeks or thereabouts.

Fortify lawn with nutrients in preparation for the imminent cool weather season.

Rake and remove fallen leaves, dead grass, and other debris from your lawn to avoid contamination.


Apply water adequately as winter approaches. Hydrated lawns perform better in winter.

Mowing should also be continued until snowing or icing takes over the lawn yard.


For December lawn care in Austin, it’s time to slow down because of winter. Clean, pack up and store away your lawn mowing paraphernalia.

Your lawn mowing service could also use a break during this period.

Consider keeping in touch with lawn care and maintenance blogs like the GoMow Blogs for updates in preparation for the coming year.

If followed judiciously, a month-to-month lawn care checklist for Austin residents such as this is guaranteed to help you achieve a near-perfect lawn yard during the year.

Are you ready for best lawn care in 2019? This checklist will guide you to make it possible.

Get a free quote for lawn mowing in Austin from GoMow lawn care service.

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