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What you need to know for Pet’s heart protection

Pets just like humans are susceptible to heart diseases; the two most common heart defects are heart failure and heartworm infection. Both defects are fatal if left untreated; heart failure could occur at any time without any obvious symptoms and death can be instantaneous while heartworm is gradual and is caused by mosquito bites that transmit the heartworms into a pet’s bloodstream. There could be several causes of heart failure in pets. It could be hereditary, age-related, fall-outs from other diseases, side effects of medications or supplements or some other external factors.

A proactive approach to pet health care will improve your pet’s chances of avoiding heart complications in future. A regular visit to a pet health care in League City could make all the difference; animals with better health care always fair better than those that don’t.

Tips for pet's heart protection

Below are some proactive and action steps you can follow as a pet owner to protect your pet from heart complications.

  • Paying a bit more attention to your pet might make all the difference. If you are observant of your pet, you might notice when they are not behaving normally. You can carry out a regular but cursory checkup of your pet from time to time to know how it is faring. Check for fast or irregular breathing, unusual behavior, skin and mouth discoloration, gloominess, vomiting and erratic display. Once you notice any of this, calm your pet as much as you can then arrange a visit to your League City veterinarian.
  • Ensure your pet has a regular dental care routine. Poor dental health has been known to affect dogs’ heart health. You can help your dog avoid periodontal diseases which gradually affect the heart, liver and other organs by brushing its teeth once weekly. If you can’t keep up with the schedule, you can make an arrangement with a pet healthcare center in League City.
  • Visit your local veterinary time to time to run some checks on your pet even if you don’t notice any signs of trouble. You never can tell what the result will be until you visit the veterinarian. Your veterinarian will need information about your pet’s health history and will need any other piece of information you may have.
    There are a number of tests a veterinary doctor can carry out to find out hidden symptoms that would manifest later on. If you can’t visit the pet regularly, you can ask someone to help you out when you are unavailable.
  • Treat Your Pets against Diseases like Heartworm Infection. This infection is caused by the heartworm parasite which is transmitted by mosquitoes; the parasite lives in the blood vessels and heart of pets and can cause serious cardiovascular problems if left untreated. Fortunately, heartworm parasites can be easily eradicated in their larval stage and prevented by monthly heartworm treatments. There are several professional veterinary centers that offer heartworm treatment in League City if you need further guidance.
  • Consider the kind of diet you feed your pet. High cholesterol intake and other foods that affect the performance of the heart in humans also affect pets. You may need to avoid foods that are high in cholesterol which form deposits in blood vessels leading to poor blood flow and consequently cardiac failure sooner or later especially in older pets.
    It is also important that you ensure that your pet’s food contains all the essential elements that improve the heart function of your pet. Certain amino acids like Taurine improve heart function in pets and you may need to make sure your pet food has these nutrients.

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