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What you need to know for Pet’s heart protection

Pet Heart Protection

Pets just like humans are susceptible to heart diseases; the two most common heart defects are heart failure and heartworm infection. Both defects are fatal if left untreated; heart failure could occur at any time without any obvious symptoms and death can be instantaneous while heartworm is gradual and is caused by mosquito bites that transmit the heartworms into a pet’s bloodstream. There could be several causes of heart failure in pets. It could be hereditary, age-related, fall-outs from other diseases, side effects of medications or supplements or some other external factors.

A proactive approach to pet health care will improve your pet’s chances of avoiding heart complications in future. A regular visit to a pet health care in League City could make all the difference; animals with better health care always fair better than those that don’t.

Below are some proactive and action steps you can follow as a pet owner to protect your pet from heart complications.

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