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Pet Care: Tips to keep your Dog Healthy and Active

Pet Care: Tips to keep your Dog Healthy and Active

Dogs are one of the most active pets known to mankind and also one of the friendliest. Most families in the United States have a pet dog. From time immemorial, these animals have been one of the most loyal, servile and warm animals are known to man. Over the years, we have developed several methods to keep our dogs in action and in good health.

Are you a dog owner or a potential dog owner in League City? Keeping your dog in good health doesn’t require rocket science. If you can diligently follow the tips in this write-up, you can be certain your dog will remain healthy and active for a long time to come.

Regular Checkup

You simply have to take your pet to visit a League City veterinarian or any other in your neighborhood as often as you can manage periodically. A professional veterinarian will be able to detect anomalies with a trained-eye more than you could ever do. Also, follow instructions given to you by the veterinarian as much as you can to avoid causing more complications to your dog.

Observe Your Dog Sometimes

Even without visiting any animal wellness center Texas, if you are sharp and observant while making it a habit to look over your dog sometimes, you will find out when the animal isn’t alright. It could be slight limp, a thorn in its paw, a cut, avoiding food because of the bad tooth or any other reason.

You can do a once-over now and then just to know how your dog is doing. This might help you detect emergencies on time and save yourself too much worry.

Proper Hygiene

Just like humans, your dog needs proper hygiene to be in good health. You don’t need to bath it or brush its teeth every day but twice or thrice weekly is better than not at all. A clean pet is unlikely to contract diseases in comparison to a dirty dog that hasn’t been bathed or had its teeth cleaned in weeks or even months.

Adequate feeding

Your dog needs good food to stay happy and healthy. You can also offer the animal a treat when it has been especially good to encourage it and reinforce a particular behavior you like. Well-fed animals are less likely to be sick or aggressive too. Your dog’s food should be a fine combination of proteins, carbohydrate and vitamins, and minerals so it doesn’t become deficient in any particular nutrient.

Exercise is Important

As active animals, dogs love playing a lot and require regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. If you are not a busy person, you can take your dog out for walks or get out on a field and play catch. Alternatively, you can enlist a friend, family member or neighbor to help you out. You can even visit Animal Wellness Center Texas where there is equipment specially designed to help dogs exercise their body with ease.

Proper Health Care Administration

Your dog deserves the best care you can provide when it isn’t feeling alright. There have breakthroughs in pet health care and animals now stand a better chance of survival when sick now than ever before. One of these advanced techniques available now is the dog stem cell therapy in Texas, a treatment procedure that can heal a lot of health complications in dogs.

The only minor setback about this type of treatment is that it can be pricey but if you do your research, you can find affordable dog stem cell therapy Texas clinics like Safari Vet who know their business and are willing to give your dog the best treatment to get back to healthy and active.

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