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How to prepare your Texas lawn and garden for fall season

After the stress and heat of summer, it’s time to prepare your Texas lawn and garden for the fall season. As hectic as this may sound, preparing ahead makes it easy for you, especially when you plan on hiring a lawn service near you in Texas.

Every lawn owner wants their lawn to look lush and healthy all year long. In this post, we have done half the work for you by revealing the most effective tips to prepare your lawn for the fall season in Texas. When done right, you will find out to your pleasure that your lawn will be ready for the next two seasons – winter and spring depending on how you prepare it for autumn lawn care.

So, here we go for lawn mowing in the fall season!

Clean up your lawn yard

The plant forms on your lawn will be completing their growth cycle in this period, so it’s easy to see a lot of dried leaves and stems on it. Remove dried up and fallen leaves, stems, branches, debris and other items that have no business being on your lawn.

Cleaning will help curb possible disease and pest infestation. Your chosen GoMow Lawn Care Services Texas can handle this for as part of fall lawn care preparation. Annual plants should be taken out while perennial plants should be trained.

Ensure the lawn is mown low

Mowing the lawn lower than usual so that sunlight can get to its root and do its magic. Mowing low this way also stimulates the grass to become more resilient and grow faster. Hire a GoMow lawn mowing services known for excellent services to handle lawn mowing and prepare your grass for fall. If there is dryness, watering should be continued to keep the grass refreshed.

Apply organic fertilizers to enrich the soil

Whether you have a ‘cool season’ grass or a ‘warm-season’ grass, the truth is that your lawn needs nutrients at this time of the year. The summer season is an active one for grasses and other plants. Grasses consume a lot of nutrients for their metabolic activities which means fall season is a good time to feed them.

For best results, engage with a professional lawn care with a good reputation to feed your lawn. From experience, organic fertilizers are most suitable for the simple fact that they are completely biodegradable and contain no chemical compounds.

In addition, you can also get a soil test done before applying fertilizers. The soil test is to check for nutrient levels, soil pH and possible contaminants in the soil.

Watering should be part of the fall lawn care preparation

Watering should be continued while preparing for the fall season. At this time of the year, your soil will likely need a good deal of moisture, especially if summer was a hot one. Consult with an affordable lawn care service on the best watering schedule suitable for your grass.

This could be once a week or twice weekly, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions in your area in Texas.

Weed your lawn yard thoroughly

As your lawn passes through summer to fall, it’s time to weed it to ensure only the plants you want are on it. Dandelions, crabgrass, clover and other unwanted plants should be eradicated either by hand or the use of weed killers.

If removing manually, the weeds should be pulled out roots and all then deposited in a waste disposal bag or container. Your herbicides of choice should be lawn-friendly products that pose no future risk to your soil, household, or water table.

Aerate the lawn to rid the lawn of any clumps

When soil becomes compacted, the movement of nutrients and gasses become difficult. The fall season is a great time to aerate the soil if this hasn’t been done during the year. It might be a good idea to get your Texas lawn care to inspect your lawn to check for compacted soil.

Aeration can be done with a gardening tool like a garden fork, shovel or pitchfork if the lawn yard is a small one that can be easily covered on foot or a mechanical or motorized aerator for large lawn yards.

Preparing your lawn yard ahead for fall is the best way to get it ready for winter. At GoMow Lawn Care Services, we offer cheap lawn mowing services for lawn owners in Texas.

For your free booking consultation session, visit our website to begin your Fall lawn care preparation now –

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