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Prepping Mower and Tools for Winter in Texas

Prepping Mower and Tools for Winter in Texas

It might not be the end of the year but it wouldn’t hurt to have the information in this post. Winter would be upon us sometime later this year and as a lawn owner, you need to prepared for it. Texas residents who own mower and other tools are expected to prep them for the coming months.

Below is a prepping checklist as you get ready for winter in Texas. You might even consider saving this post or bookmarking it so you can always refer to it from time to time. Lawn care is an evergreen activity as long as you own a lawn. To make it easier, it’s always best to hire a professional lawn mowing service in your Texas area.

Lawn mower

While planning to carry out winter prepping in Texas, the lawn mower is the primary tool that requires attention. If your lawn yard was well-maintained during the year, it stands to good reason that a lawn mower was actively engaged all year long. Therefore, there’s a need to work on it during the winter break.

To start the prepping process, first drain the mower of fuel or disconnect from its power source. Leaving fuel in the tank for long periods could lead to degradation and separation of its components. There are cases where condensation occurs in the gas tank which causes water to pool inside the tank-mixed with the fuel.

Next, remove all movable parts following the user guide carefully. Watch out for the cutting parts to avoid unnecessary injury.

Clean the parts with a soft cloth and very mild detergent or soap and water.

Ensure that all dirt has come off and everything is squeaky clean, then oil the movable parts to avoid rusts. Next, clean the blades carefully and oil it lightly. Store the lawn mower in a cool, dry place where it will be safe from moisture.

If you find it difficult handling this activity, consider engaging an affordable lawn care service in Texas to handle it for you.

Shovels, rakes, garden forks, etc

Some other essential tools you need to take care of your lawn yard are shovels, rakes, garden forks, etc. For winter, you need to ensure that they’re in good shape too. Fortunately, they’re quite easy to clean and good.

Clean with a soft rag, a soap mixture and rinse off than lean them upright to dry. When completely dry, store in a cool, dry place away from moisture that can cause corrosion of sharp edges. If you’re in doubt about anything, you might want to check out lawn mowing online for more information.

Aerators, chain saws, water sprinklers, etc

At this time of the year, it’s necessary to clean and tune up your mechanical lawn care tools. This list will include equipment like aerators, chain saws, water sprinklers, etc. For equipment powered by fuel, completely drain them of fuel before starting the cleaning process.

After cleaning, you can a little bit of an oil mix product so the interior seams do not crack from being too dry for a long period when in storage. Clean out spark plugs, movable parts and oil them lightly. Next, store in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

Other prepping activities to consider

While this post focuses on prepping the lawn mower and tools for winter in Texas, there are other activities you can also carry out while at it.

  • Carry out fertilizer application just before winter to prepare the grass for the coming cold and hibernation. When grass enough food in winter, they’re bound to grow better in spring afterward
  • Consider aeration of the lawn yard to loosen the packed earth if there was a lot of activity on the soil during the year. An aerated soil allows greater flow of air, nutrients, and water so the grass can have the essentials they need to remain healthy.
  • Rake and clean out debris from the lawn yard. Dead leaves, grasses and dirt not only litter the lawn yard, making it untidy, they can also contaminate your grass. Pests like ants and rodents and several others will quickly take advantage of a littered lawn yard.
  • Hydrate the lawn as much as possible to keep it soaked with enough moisture for winter. It should be moderate and not flood the whole place. Your lawn care service of choice can carry this out for you so the results would be great.
  • Carry out repairs where necessary and stock up on diminishing supplies. You will also need to engage your local lawn mowing service for professional lawn maintenance during the winter months.

GoMow Lawn Mowing Texas does a superb job of this. Visit gomow.com to get started if interested in professional lawn mowing services.

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