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Few Questions that you should NEVER, EVER ask to Lawn Mower

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  • April 17, 2018
Few Questions that you should NEVER, EVER ask to Lawn Mower

Being a lawn owner means you need to come in contact with a mowing service sooner or later. Even if you choose to do it yourself, there might still need to contact a lawn mowing service in future.

There is a reason why lawn service providers are patronized by lawn owners. Apart from being service providers, they are better trained and provisioned in delivering lawn care services so you can be sure of getting the best lawn mowing service.

However, there are certain questions to avoid when you need the services of a lawn care provider. These questions can be considered to be unnecessary and unimportant and they include the following:

Asking for discounts when none has been offered

Your lawn care provider has already planned out their services as it suits them. Therefore, asking for discounts and bonuses will come across as both irrelevant and unnecessary. A number of customers make the erroneous of asking for discounts when none has been offered.

In the same vein, asking for bonuses are also unnecessary especially when the mowing service has already made everything clear in their service plans.

Requesting for Free Services

Requesting for a free service not only turns off your lawn care provider but also puts them on edge in the case of future subscriptions. This might affect their trust in your credit-worthiness and your ability to handle payments in future.

If your lawn care provider isn’t offering a free service then there is no need to request for one.

Asking for Services Not Included in their Service Packages

Everybody loves excellent services that come with everything we need. As tempting as it may be to ask your lawn mowing service for treatments not included in their plans. It is better to avoid such requests and either go with the services offered or check with other lawn care providers.

The best way to get quality services that fit your need is to do your research prior to contacting any lawn care provider. Check out several lawn care providers close to you to know what’s contained in their services that will help you to have an idea about the service that you are going to choose for lawn care service.

Asking for services during non-working hours

All lawn care providers have their working and nonworking hours. It is not only inconvenient but disruptive to request for lawn care services during your lawn care provider’s non-working hours.

Usually, this time of the day is when staff is neither available nor gone for the day. Even if a lawn care provider has a 24 hours available service included in their plans, the best thing to do is to only engage request for assistance only during work hours.

Asking for irrelevant services or meaningless questions

As business people and service providers, a lawn care service like Lawn Service Leander are busy people who don’t have time to waste on meaningless and unnecessary questions. When checking out lawn services, it is important to be as clear as possible in your request.

Questions unrelated to lawn service should be avoided no matter how friendly the lawn care personnel may be. Keep things professional and as specific as possible to ensure you get the service or services you need. Asking unnecessary questions might only lead to confusion and ambiguity which might affect your lawn care provider’s service delivery?

In addition, requesting for services that you can easily handle or know about yourself will only serve to be time consuming and unnecessary.

Questions like how many times you should mow your lawn or when to stop mowing your lawn, why you should cut your grass or when you should water your lawn are unnecessary questions. If you are hiring your lawn care provider, it is important you trust them enough to do the job without asking too many questions.


It is important to tailor your inquiries to be relevant to lawn care services and only ask relevant questions. Always do a detailed research about your lawn mowing service of choice to know as much as possible about them before hiring them.

If you are interested in a professional lawn mowing service, contact GoMow’s Lawn Mowing Services to keep your lawn beautiful, lush and green.

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