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Reasons to choose Dogs over 6 months of age as your Pet

Owning a pet dog comes with its share of twists and drama. This can be fun or stressful depending on how you manage it. Most pet parents are oftentimes torn between picking a young puppy, an older one, an adolescent dog or a full grown dog.

In the end, the age of the animal you pick has a major influence on how well you will be able to manage it. Too young and it might be tough to train it, too old might be too late, the best age is usually around 12 weeks or 3 months old.

Or better still consult a League City Animal Clinic for more information.

However, for pet lovers interested in getting older pets, there are reasons to choose over 6 months old dogs as your pet.

Has better chances of survival when it is older says League City veterinary care center

Pets between the ages of 3 – 7 weeks are usually very tender and can easily become fatally sick. At this age, your puppy requires very close attention both from the mother and vaccinations from the vet.

This isn’t the ideal time to go for pet hunting as the level of care required to keep your puppy in good health might become too tasking if you are a busy person. Older pets from 4 months up to 6 months and above are usually fitter and healthier to stay alive and healthy.

“It is also important to note that 6-month-old dogs would have received the necessary vaccinations required to keep them in good health. Mother dogs also have a role to play in training pups in respect and bite training. Taking a dog away early will make it miss this vital aspect of dog life”

Would most likely be potty-trained at 6 months of age

Potty training is an important aspect of dog training. You wouldn’t want to go through the rigorous exercise of potty-training your dog if you can help it. Of course, you can always engage a veterinary center like 24-hour Vet League City, TX to handle this procedure for you.

However, if you would love to save yourself the trouble, a 6 months old or more puppy would be a better option. Most pets at this age would already be house-broken and potty-trained.

Most veterinary care centers have observed that 6 months old pets have an improved ability to learn and understand commands better

Young pets of several weeks old are usually oblivious and carefree with no concept of danger, risk or remarkable response to commands and learning. Teaching commands and getting them to focus and learn can be quite a chore at this age.

Older pets of up to 6 months old have more developed body systems and senses. As a pet owner, you will have an easier time training them and actually getting them to learn through repetition and reinforcement.

You will have a clearer picture of its appearance in adulthood

For pet owners who are particular about the look of their pet, getting a 6-month-old pet means you get to see how your potential pet will look like as a full adult. All young puppies are usually cute so it might be difficult guessing the look of the animal when it is older.

Most 6-month-old dogs already have the exact form they will take on as they grow older. If you are particular about your dog’s looks, you might consider getting a partly-grown, 6 months old dog as your pet.

For more experienced support, you can contact a League City Animal Clinic to put you through on all you need to know before getting your older pet dog!

Easier to understand its temperament and behavior early

Temperament can be a genetic thing but behavior is oftentimes influenced by both temperament and environment. A dog with genes for bad temperament but trained properly during its early, formative years will be better behaved than one with good genetic temperament but poor behavioral training.

“Older puppies from 6 months old upward would have grown and developed enough for you to be able to tell its true temperament and behavior.”

Younger puppies are normally too tender for you to know how they will behave as an adult even with the best training. The mother dog plays a significant role in enforcing discipline and respect in puppies. When these animals are taken away at a young age, they miss out on this crucial stage of their life.

Therefore, if you wish to pick a pet based on its real disposition, 6 months or older pet is the ideal choice for you. They are in-between baby and adult stage during this time which makes it easy for you to observe and read them properly.

Are you planning to get a pet soon? You can contact vets in League City for more information, services, and guidance on all you need to know to get the best 6 months old pet!

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