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How to repair brown spots in your lawn

How to repair brown spots in your lawn

It is almost impossible to not have lawn problems at a point in time as a lawn owner in Round Rock, Texas. One of the most common lawn problems is having brown spots on your lawn. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why your lawn can develop brown spots on it.

This means that brown spots occurring on your lawn could be as a result of anything. Accurate diagnosis is required to identify the immediate cause of the brown spots. To get the best possible cause, it is best to consult GoMow lawn mowing Round Rock expert to inspect your lawn and detect the possible causes of the brown spots.

If you have noticed brown spots on your lawn, listed below are some ways to effectively repair these spots on your lawn.

Proper watering technique

The development of brown spot in your lawn could be attributed to either too much water or too little water. If there is too much water to the extent where the lawn grass is sitting in water, yellow or brown spots could develop from this when it dries out.

Water deprivation could cause brown spots too. When your lawn grass lacks adequate water supply for its metabolism, drying out is the result which manifests as brown spots.

The solution is to find a balance between watering too much and watering too little. For best results, engage a GoMow weekly lawn care service to handle your lawn watering schedule.

Remove thatch from your lawn

Thatch is formed from layers of dead grasses and other matter that are not completely broken down in the soil. When this material becomes much on the lawn, it can become obstructive by preventing water from reaching the lawn grass. The lawn grass becomes starved of water, starts drying up and develops brown spots.

Disease-causing fungi can also take up residence in the thatch, causing further problems for the lawn grass. Brown spot is known to be caused by different lawn fungi as well.

To prevent the formation of excess thatch, it is important to bag and remove all grass clippings after each mowing session. The exception could be only if you are using a Mulch-Mower to mow the lawn. Mulch-mowers shred the grass clippings to fine bits even as it mows your lawn.

If you are using a lawn mowing service in Round Rock, you could go for one that either offers the use of Mulch mowers or bags and removers grass clippings after to mowing to prevent thatch formation. Alternatively, you could also carry out dethatching to remove thatch from your lawn.

Get your lawn care service to conduct a soil test

If everything else fails to solve your lawn’s brown spot problem, consider carrying out a soil test to check the soil for anomalies. A soil analysis will reveal the exact composition of the soil so you can tell the exact cause of its problems.

Several Round Rock lawn services offer soil testing as part of their service packages. You could ask casino questions and do your research before picking a service to use.

When carried out, the soil test will reveal the soil pH of your grass, its nutrient composition, soil type, and several other information that can be leveraged on to combat the brown spot problems.

Ideally, your soil pH should be above 6.0 and sufficient Nitrogen should be found in the soil. If there is a deficiency of this element, your lawn grass is bound to not only have brown or yellow spots but also begin to thin out noticeably.

To counter such a development, organic fertilizer application rich in Nitrogen is required to enrich your lawn grass. When done right, you will notice an improved greening lawn grass different from the brown spotted expanse you had earlier.

Mow correctly with good blades

A poor mowing culture is enough to cause problems for your lawn. Your lawn mower blades should be sharp so as to give clean cuts without tearing the grass. Mowing should not cut less than a third the length of your lawn grass.

Anything lower than that could become potentially dangerous to your lawn’s health if repeated over time. If you are using a lawn mowing service in Round Rock, consider using a service like GoMow Lawn Mowing, Round Rock.

Anyone of these tips or combination of them can help resolve the development of brown spots on your lawn. You can only find out how effective they are when you put them to work.

Are you ready to get started? Consider GoMow Lawn Mowing Services in Texas. Click below to get a quick FREE QUOTE for lawn care maintenance.

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