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Steps to Autumn Lawn Care in Texas areas

Steps to Autumn Lawn Care in Texas areas

Autumn in Texas is usually a special time of the year when the vegetation and weather subtly change without much notice. For homeowners who own lawns in Texas, autumn season means getting ready for the coming winter season.

Simply put, autumn is the best time to prepare for a Texas Winter. In this post, we have outlined the different steps you can take to get your lawn in the best possible state.

For best results, using a GoMow professional lawn mowing in Texas still remains the best means to care for your lawn. As experts in the lawn care industry, they know the best ways required to maintain your lawn grass.

Raking of leaves and removal of debris

The first step towards preparing your lawn during autumn is to rid it of dead leaves, grasses and other debris that might have collected on it from summer.

When it collates excessively, this material easily shields the lawn grasses from the sun inhibiting it from using it efficiently for its photosynthetic activities. Without this metabolic activity, your lawn grass will find it difficult developing properly in readiness for winter.

Raking also means you get to remove items that might attract pests like rodents and ants on your lawn. Food remnants and wrappers are particular culprits in this regard. Non-degradable items can be raked together, bagged and removed from your lawn yard completely.

In addition, we always advise using an GoMow organic lawn care service in Texas. The reason being that most of the lawn care plans are organic in nature. An example is the use of mulch mowers instead of regular lawn mowers during mowing. Mulch mowers not only mow your grass but mulch it too, returning the finely-mulched grass to the lawn as an organic fertilizer thereby improving it.

Watering the lawn often

Texas weather is a bit peculiar because of the absence of snow during the Winter after Autumn season. During autumn, it is best to water your lawn grass deeply to the height of 1 – 2 inches allowing it to soak into the soil completely.

If possible, this should be done once every week to improve the water content of the soil and prepare it for the dormancy that comes with the Winter season. If your lawn enjoys a lot of water during Autumn, the subsequent seasons are likely to be easier on it.

For lawn owners on a budget who need affordable lawn care in Texas, we recommend GoMow Lawn Mowing Service as a service of choice.

Aeration of the soil during Autumn is important before the Winter season

Aeration refers to poking holes in your lawn yard to loosen the compacted soil. It is very easy for your lawn soil to become highly compacted from all the activities happening on it.

From foot traffic, parking of cars and other heavy equipment etc, your lawn grass becomes compacted. When this happens, the movement of nutrients within it reduces. Osmosis and diffusion rates become less and your lawn grass begins to suffer from a deficiency of nutrients.

Aeration typically involves the use of a pitchfork or garden fork to loosen the soil, making it easier for nutrients, air, and water to permeate the soil more easily for the benefit of the grasses.

The above procedure is for small lawn yards; for large lawn yards, it is best to go with a larger gas or diesel-powered walk-behind aerator. Usually, this kind of equipment is owned by lawn mowing companies in Texas.

Over-seed your lawn during winter

Autumn season is the best time to revitalize your lawn grass. Over-seeding is a process over reintroducing fresh lawn grass seeds into your lawn to revitalize it after the heat of summer.

With over-seeding during autumn, you can count on your lawn having a better chance of surviving winter no matter how harsh it gets.

Over-seeding thickens your lawn grass against invasion from pesky weeds, refreshed it with newly grown grass and replaces any patched, dried up spots as a result of a hard summer.

Several lawn services offering affordable lawn care in Texas include over-seeding as part of their services in regenerating your lawn yard.

Consult a lawn mowing service

Services offering professional lawn mowing in Texas remain every lawn owners best bet to care for their lawn. As mentioned before, the reason for this is obvious. These services have the time, personnel, equipment and resources to carry out any type of lawn treatment your lawn requires.

For residents of Irving, Texas, a simple search online for best lawn treatment service Irving Texas should yield a lot of good services to choose from including GoMow Lawn Mowing, Irving, Texas.

Contact us today to get started on your lawn right away!

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