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Steps for Professional Lawn Mowing Patterns in Texas areas

If you desire to make your lawn look beautiful and unique from other lawns around, then learning the steps for creating lawn mowing patterns is something you should look into. You will find this learning quite useful if you often mow your lawn yourself.

So far, there are three types of lawn mowing patterns to use when mowing your lawn. The simplest pattern, to begin with, is the Stripe, then there is the Checkerboard, Straight diagonal, Criss-cross diagonal, and the Diamond patterns.

Whichever one you choose, you can do the mowing yourself or choose a lawn care service in Texas to add a professional touch to your lawn. It is important to understand that two things cause the patterns in lawns – the first is the directions to which the grasses are cut and the second is the height at which they are cut.

In this post, we have discussed the simple steps for professional lawn mowing patterns in Texas areas regardless of the pattern you are going for.

Step One

The first step towards creating patterns in the lawn is to mow along the edges first to give the lawn the pattern you would want it to follow. Mowing the edges first means you will have the needed space to create the patterns in the lawn afterward.

Doing it yourself might require a bit of patience and care to avoid making mistakes. If you are hiring a lawn mowing company, you can be certain that they will get it right.

Step Two

The next step is to create your first pattern, in this case, it should be a straight stripe. To do this right if you are mowing the lawn yourself, consider using your sidewalk, patio, driveway or some other landmark as a point of focus to maintain a straight line while you mow.

Doing this will give you a perspective in terms of your direction mowing. Irregularly directed mowing will appear untidy and the purpose of pattern mowing will be defeated. Again, you will be most likely to enjoy better results if you use a professional lawn care company in Texas.

Step Three

The third step is where you can have to create the second stripe after the first one. Here is how to get this done – after completing the first stripe, move to its edge lining up the mower for a run down in the opposite direction maintaining the same straight line.

The lawn mower should be moved in a straight line using the outer edges of the first stripe as a reference point. If this sounds somewhat tedious to you, you can hire a lawn maintenance company in Texas.

Step Four

Simply repeat mowing following the suggestions in Steps 2 and 3, going back and forth until you have covered your lawn ground. If possible, alternate the grasses on one line to be high while the next line will be lower.

Doing this will add some extra distinction to the stripes, making the patterns much more defined.

In all honesty, this could be a time-consuming and stressful task, if you are new to lawn mowing or have a busy schedule.

Do it yourself or engage professional lawn mowing services in Texas to get it done right if you find it challenging.

Step Five

Consider this to be the final step for creating a professional lawn mowing pattern. At this point, assuming that your pattern of choice has already been created on the lawn then it’s now time to round up.

You can do this by taking your mower to the edges of the lawn yard to mow off any uneven areas disrupting the pattern of the lawn. With practice, you will get better at creating beautiful patterns on your lawn whenever you are mowing.

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