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How to take care of your lawn during flood in Plano, TX

How to take care of your lawn during flood in Plano, TX

One of the challenges often ignored in lawn care in Texas is flooding and the reason for this is the low probability of flooding occurring given the peculiar nature of the area. It is a proven fact that flooding can damage your lawn especially if there are no measures to mitigate its effects.

In as much as many Texas areas are dry most of the time, floods can still occur either through man-made error or nature. In this post, we have discussed steps to take care of your lawn during flood in Plano, Texas. These steps are not completely fool-proof but will go a long way to reduce any damages caused by floods.

Create drainages in anticipation of floods when designing your landscape

Gutters and drainages can help channel water more effectively in the event of flooding on your lawn. Lawn yards without this provision can remain water-logged for longer periods. To get started with drainages, it is always best to consult experts.

Lawn yards with drainages built on them often get drained of water faster during floods. Such drainages and gutters can be found more on large lawns. Some Plano lawn care services might also offer drainage and gutter construction to help with flooding.

Give your lawn time to dry off

After flooding, a good rule of thumb is to avoid setting foot on it until it dries off completely. Depending on the topography of your lawn, it might actually take a while to get dried up this way. For all purposes, it is important that this suggestion is followed to the letter. Not only is this natural but it also helps you plan better on how best to care for the lawn after the floods have receded.

Clean up the lawn to help it recover faster

Debris and other wastes can collect easily on your lawn during floods. Leaving them can cause future problems for your lawn; therefore, it’s quite important to initiate a cleanup action as possible. Removing debris also helps your lawn to recover faster without the obstructions caused by it.

In addition, when debris is removed from the lawn after flooding, initiating repairs can be easier for all involved.

Do you need Lawn Care Services in Plano? For most Plano lawn owners, hiring a professional lawn service like GoMow Lawn Care Service Plano Texas is simply the best way to go for best results.

Avoid mowing while your lawn is still wet or flooded

A flooded lawn is no place for a lawn mower and so is a wet lawn too. It is even more dangerous attempting to mow a wet lawn using an electric mower as the risk of electrocution is high.

Mowing should only be considered when the floods have completed receded and your lawn ground dried up.

Other unpalatable outcomes that could come from attempting mowing on a flooded or wet lawn include compaction of the earth and rut formation from using heavy machinery on the soft soil.

Help your lawn recover with nutrient enrichment

Flooding easily leads to leaching of essential nutrients off your lawn soil. This means there is a need to have your lawn yard replenished with nutrients to get it back to shape to grow your grass. Restoring a previously flooded lawn requires professional experience in most cases.

If this is the case with your yard, calling in experts offering lawn care services in Plano, Texas will give you better results, all things being equal. Nutrients like Nitrogen, Sulfur and Carbon compounds from organic matter can be infused back into the earth through a careful, nutrient enrichment plan.

Call for a professional inspection

Skills and experience often times give the best results when it comes to most things in life.

It is no different in lawn care or in this case, caring for a flooded lawn yard. Your Plano lawn care service of choice will have to check for the worst hit spots and vulnerable areas that need the most attention.

At GoMow Lawn Mowing Service Plano TX, we specialize in different lawn mowing and lawn care services for Plano residents. We can also make professional recommendations and referrals for services you need which we do not offer.

Are you interested in taking care of your lawn during floods in Plano Texas? These tips will get you started on the right track!

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