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The complete guide to grooming for dog – Safarivet

  • In Pets
  • February 8, 2020
The complete guide to grooming for dog – Safarivet

Do you know that knowing how to groom your pet at home correctly is one of your duties as a dog owner? However, you can be that busy pet owner that barely has time to groom your dog, or you have no idea how to groom your dog. You can opt for dog grooming services for your pet, and the good news is that it is quite affordable at Safarivet with our well-trained staff.

You can also learn some grooming tips from us so that you teach your dog some certain things at home.

As you probably know, when you leave your dog’s coat unattended, it can leave a matted, painful fur, which may result in severe health issues. This is why you must stay on top of your furry companion’s grooming regime.

Your pets need to have knot-free, healthy, and glossy coats, which can only be achieved by regular bathing, clipping and brushing. And your adorable pet will thank you for it by rewarding your efforts with sound health and exuberance.

Regular Grooming; Key to Healthy Pets

The key to raising healthy pets is regular grooming, starting from when they are very young. This makes your furry friend used to this enjoyable and bonding activity, and you may not have to contend with behavioral issues at all.

Grooming efficiently gets rid of dead skin, dust, loose hairs, tangles, and grass seeds. The activity also significantly minimizes the amount of fur shed during the regular autumn and spring molt.

Bath your canine companion using a dog-specified shampoo. You can also make use of a flea-control shampoo along with a flea rinse – especially during summer, to assist in controlling fleas.

You may also bath your dog in winter or when the weather is cold. However, you may need to use a hairdryer and towels to get rid of excess water.

The Challenge with Pets with Long Hair

If your canine companion has long hair, you may encounter a lot of challenges if you neglect to groom your canine companion. Dogs with very long hair are susceptible to a host of issues that may even affect their overall health.

For instance, a dog that is badly in need of grooming will have long, matted, and tangled hair around the ears, eyes, and even around the dog’s mouth.

These dirty hairs are common causes of infection for such dogs, such as deafness or blindness, as well as tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, or difficulty in eating.

This is why prevention is the key to excellent grooming. Alternatively, when you type “dog grooming near me” or “pet grooming near me” on Google, you will come across several dog grooming services that are not too far from where you live. And if you live in League City, Texas, Safarivet is just a call away for your dog grooming.

Breeds Prone to Grooming Issues

Some breeds are inclined to have a lot of hair in some tricky places such as ear canals, etc. Cavaliers, poodle crosses, poodles, and wiry-haired terriers are some of the dog breeds that require regular grooming, cleaning, and combing to prevent irritation or matting.

Shaving, plucking, and brushing regularly will help to prevent unwanted accumulation of hair and other health issues.

Regular Grooming, Not Just for Dogs

Cat grooming is also essential even though felines generally groom themselves. Cats shed more hair during shedding seasons, and this may call for high grooming requirements.

It is also essential to start grooming your cat as early on as well so that your feline can become accustomed to the activity. You can reward your feline companion with tasty cat treats for remaining calm while brushing the fur.


As a responsible pet owner, you need to ensure that your dog or cat always has a healthy, well-cared-for mane of hair. And the only way to do this is via regular grooming. You don’t need to be an expert in dog grooming. You can always find a veterinary clinic near you to care for your pet.

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