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These are the most important five guidelines to remember for your pet’s health and preventative maintenance.

These are the most important five guidelines to remember for your pet’s health and preventative maintenance.

Are you a League City pet owner? Or do you intend to get a pet sooner or later? You will find this post very useful whatever the case may be.

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities just like having a child. Maintaining optimum health for your pet is something you both owe to it. Fortunately, effective pet care doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for your pet to enjoy it.

You will find it interesting to learn about the five standards that you must adhere to for the welfare and preventative care of your pet in this post.

Professional Veterinary Attention

Regular, expert veterinarian treatment is one of the most effective methods to provide your pet with appropriate care. Pet vets are experts in delivering vet care to pets compared to how well you will do in the same dispensation.

It makes sense to see them frequently in order to avert unavoidable disasters, since they are qualified and prepared to provide the most excellent possible pet care.

A pet that regular visits a veterinary expert will be more likely to live a healthy life. Health complications will also be more likely to be noticed as they appear. By the regular visit to the veterinary clinic, we mean once every month if possible.

Some disease conditions can come up without any sign at all. Emergency health challenges might also occur as a result of accidents or any other causes and will require the services of an emergency veterinarian service to handle it.

Here is feedback from a recent client whose cat needed emergency treatment:

“We had an emergency with our cat. We went through two previous animal hospitals before we arrived at Safari. They were very thorough and worked us into the schedule right away. The extended hours are so convenient, as most places won’t pick up the phone before 8 am or on weekends. We will be switching to Safari for all of the animals after the way they helped handle our emergency!”
Lyndsey Low

Proper Feeding and Diet

It is quite simple for your pet to become sick or have health issues if they are not fed enough and are not following a healthy diet. For optimal health, your pet needs to eat the right diet.

Different pets respond differently to different animal foods. Generally, dogs and cats love animal protein more than any other food class. Therefore, it is important the animal food you go for is organic, has a lot of protein, fiber and the essential nutrients required for optimal growth.

Some pets also have difficulty in feeding or avoid food completely. Safari Vet Pet Care, League City can handle such a situation and below is a feedback from one of our clients:

“My parents brought our cat, Gizmo, in after he lost a lot of weight (refusing to eat)
Gizmo was in there for a week and 2 days. He seemed to be doing great; he was gaining weight and moving around and returning to his old self. The vets were very kind, gentle, and loving towards him.
On this day, July 3rd, 2018, Gizmo went into a seizure, and his heart stopped. They were able to bring him back but he went into another seizure, and he is now gone forever. I know they tried to do as much as they possibly could, I know they got as attached to Gizmo as we are. Thank you Safari Veterinary for doing all you could do for our Gizmo. I wish he didn’t have to go so soon.”
Samantha Murrow

If in doubt on how to get this done, you can consult with an affordable and professional vet Hospital League City for assistance. Your pet vet will always be in a good position to advise you regarding feeding.

Mandatory Vaccination

A shot in time can save your pet’s life. Vaccinations are necessary to keep your pet in great health. There are a good number of diseases that could threaten your pet’s life if you are not attentive enough.

If your pet is still tender, booster vaccination shots are necessary to boost its immunity and help it grow without disease attacks. Heartworm infections which can be fatal in dogs can be avoided by proper vaccination at an early age.

These vaccination treatments should be seen as mandatory, and what’s more, they are not expensive.  Most low-cost vet clinics in League City can handle the procedure for your pet without difficulty.

Regular Grooming

A poorly-groomed pet will be more susceptible to contract disease germs than a clean, well-groomed one. The importance of grooming in a pet’s life can’t be over-emphasized as it is a practice that you must do for your pet.

Grooming can be done either by you or any professional dog grooming Houston. It will involve all activities required to keep your pet clean and healthy. Hair/fur trimming and cutting, nail clipping, teeth brushing, bathing, combing, body checks, vaccination shots, etc. are all part of grooming to keep your pet in good shape.

One of Safari Vet’s clients, Monica Hernandez had this to say after we groomed her pet puppy:

“We brought our puppy here at 8 weeks, and they were so loving to him from the very beginning. Anytime we come here we always feel like they know us personally because of the great care and love they show for all the pet customers. We also use their grooming services that are amazing!!!”

Exercise and Bonding Time

Pets need exercise to be in good physical shape. Lack of exercise can cause lethargy, restlessness, and obesity. It makes sense that some of these creatures are accustomed to a more active lifestyle, therefore it wouldn’t be ideal to keep them inactive.

Pets enjoy exercise, and it also serves as a time for you to bond with your furry friend. You could exercise with your dog by going for a walk, jogging, playing catch or simply having it run on a dog treadmill.

In conclusion, keeping your pet in good health doesn’t need a lot of effort when you have a good plan in place. If you follow these five recommended practices, your pet’s health will remain healthy for a very long time.

You can check on us at Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, TX, to get started today!

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