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Tips to get your lawn in great shape for the fall season in Texas

Fall season is upon us and we have to take the necessary measures required to protect our lawn this period. With summer gone, you can maintain your lawn to look lush-green, healthy and lovely. In this post, we have discussed the best tips to get your lawn in great shape for fall season in Texas.

Don’t take our word for it, hire a GoMow Lawn Care Services Texas worthy of the name to implement these tips. Now read on to learn the tips!

Inspect, spot, fix and improve any bare spots on your lawn

With all the activities surrounding summer time, it’s very likely your grass will be stressed by fall. Activities like foot and car traffic, debris deposits and what-not can wear and tear your lawn causing bald spots in certain areas. These bare patches are neither nice to look at or bode well for your lawn.

The way out is to get an affordable lawn service near you to dig up and enrich the bare areas of the soil by adding organic matter, water it and finally sew some grass seedlings in it. With adequate lawn care, the grass seedlings should flourish and grow healthily.

Mowing should be done right and proper

Perhaps, mowing is the best known lawn care activity and many DIY home owners just get it wrong surprisingly. Each grass type has their ideal mowing height and this level must be maintained during the mowing activity.

Generally, industry experts agree that the best way to mow your lawn is to set mower blades cut only one-third of its height. Setting the mower blades at this recommended height might require extra attention or even some help from a professional lawn care service Texas.

When mowing in fall, cut the lawn as you would in any other season, in one direction. A height of 2.5 meters keeps the grass high enough to avoid weeds from taking root and also protect it against the chilly fall weather.

Remove dead leaves to avoid pile-ups

Piled up dead leaves can become a problem for your lawn my pressing down the grass and suffocating it. Lawns without adequate air or sunlight will die off sooner or later. The ideal way out of this problem is to keep leaves off your lawn yard by raking regularly.

Hire a cheap grass cutting services Texas to rake leaves off and cut your lawn then bag them for composting. Dead leaves when turned into compost can serve as a very good source of organic fertiizer for your lawn.

Overseed your lawn to prepare it for fall

After summer’s heat and stress, your lawn might need a bit of replenishment to be ready for fall and subsequently winter. Overseeding is one of the best ways to fill out your lawn with new grass seedlings and generate some new growth on it in fall. If you must overseed your lawn, it’s recommended to do this 45-50 days efore the first frost comes up on your lawn.

Within this time range, your lawn would have had enough time to grow in fully. Most mowing services in Texas offer different lawn care practices and overseeding is usually one of them. For best results when overseeding, hire an affordable lawn care service to carry this out for you.

Nourish your lawn with rich, organic fertilizers

Fall is also the best time to apply rich, organic fertilizers on your lawn yard to nourish your worn-out soil. When done right, your lawn grass will have enough grass for winter and the coming spring the following year.

Fertilizers should be applied by someone with experience in Texas lawn care, this might mean hiring a reliable yard care service in your area. Getting your lawn in great shape for the fall season in Texas doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

An affordable lawn care services offer awesome grass care so get in touch with your preferred option and get started on fall lawn care!

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