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Tips to maintain and mow new grass in Carrollton, TX

Tips to maintain and mow new grass in Carrollton, TX

As a lawn owner in Carrollton, TX, growing your lawn to look beautiful and healthy is something you shouldn’t miss out on. With Carrollton, TX, being one of the most serene locales in Texas, your lawn maintenance routine can make or mar the look of your lawn yard.

Most lawn owners are only after mowing the lawn down with zero information about ways to keep the grass growing and looking growth. In this post, we discussed several top tips to maintain and mow new grass in Carrollton, TX.

Are you planning to grow new grass in your yard this season? You will find these suggestions effective when you hire a lawn mowing service.

Water the new lawn first while starting out

Your new grass will need regular watering to carry out its metabolic activities. Without adequate watering, drying out and browning of the grass can occur which can be disastrous. Watering should be done during the early hours of the day before the sun goes high.

Growing new grass should ideally be done in warm weather and watering is best applied per section as the new sod is being laid on your yard. The first 2-3 weeks are very important and watering must be done lightly daily during this period.

GoMow Lawn Mowing Carrollton TX offers a professional lawn maintenance service for home owners in the Carrollton area.

Proper mowing is a must to keep the new lawn growing healthy

Mowing is one of the most important aspects of caring and maintaining new lawn. Usually for new lawns, mowing should be done within 20-21 days after planting in the grass sods. Ensure that your lawn maintenance service in Carrollton handling your lawn mowing confirms if the grass has taken root in your yard before mowing commences.

A simple way to check is to try to pull a piece of grass to see how firmly rooted it is in the earth. For the best experience, mowing is best done by professional lawn care services in Texas. Being in the same location means you will have the convenience of engaging them for all your lawn mowing needs.

Mow the grass to only about 1/3 of its height during each mowing activity once mowing commences. If cut at a lower height (also known as scalping), your new grass can run the risk of over-exposure, drying out and infestation from unwanted elements.

Consider mowing when the grass is dry as against when it’s wet. In addition, the lawn mower to be used should always be in good working condition with sharp blades. Dull blades will tear and cut your grass raggedly rather than cleanly.

For best results, hire a GoMow lawn service Carrollton TX, to mow once or twice weekly to give your grass time to recover before the next session. Ideally, you should be able to tell when your lawn yard needs mowing simply by looking at it.

A good number of lawn care services in Carrollton offer a weekly or biweekly mowing package for home owners who need affordable lawn mowing in Carrollton, TX.

Nutrient support in the form of fertilizer application

It definitely won’t hurt your new lawn yard to feed it with nutrients needed to grow rich, full and green. Tested, organic fertilizers with good reviews are your best bet to grow a green, healthy lawn. The choice of fertilizer to use should be recommended by your lawn mowing service Carrollton. These guys will have the experience and know what works best in the terrain.

Feeding can be started after 4-6 weeks between the months of March and October. A word of caution though, if the grass is growing thick, green and looking good, there might be no need to apply fertilizers.

A simple inspection test by your lawn maintenance service will reveal the true state of your soil so appropriate action can be taken.

Keep an eye out for any abnormalities

Regular inspection is important to keep new grass growing healthy and looking beautiful. Whether busy or free, lawn owners should hand over all maintenance of the new grass to a professional lawn mowing service.

With repeated scheduled inspections and maintenance plans in place, growing your new lawn to grow healthy would be an easy stroll. Personally, you can also be on the lookout for any unusual activity on the lawn and call your lawn service to investigate further.

At GoMow Lawn Mowing Service Texas, we offer a comprehensive lawn mowing service for all lawn owners within the Carrollton area in Texas. If you want an affordable but effective lawn mowing service for your new grass, we are your top plug in Carrollton, Texas.

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