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Want a beautiful lawn yard? Here are the best lawn care practices

Are you a lawn owner who needs lawn service in Addison, Texas? You will find this post very useful! Keeping your lawn yard beautiful doesn’t have to be a chore if you don’t want it to be.

In this post, we have taken out time to list out several best lawn care practices to keep your lawn looking beautiful whether you are using a professional lawn service or doing it yourself.

GoMow lawn maintenance Texas advises mulch-mowing your lawn grass

Rather than just mowing and bagging away your grass clippings, mulch-mowing will make a better alternative. The reason behind this is simple; it returns the grass clippings as a form of organic fertilizer to the soil.

Using a mulching mower will make this process easier as the machine will spread the cut grass clippings evenly on your grass. On decomposition, the decaying grass clippings become organic fertilizer which is rich in nutrients and encourages plant growth and development.

To get a mulching mower in a perfect condition, you may need to consult with a professional lawn maintenance service in your area.

Regular mowing is mandatory if you hope to have a beautiful lawn

Bushy, over-grown lawn yards are neither neat nor beautiful to look at. Regular mowing is necessary to keep your lawn appealing, lush and green.

It is best to mow during the early mornings when the sun isn’t yet out. This is usually before 10 am.

Depending on the season of the year or the type of grass you have, your lawn grass should be mown once or twice a week. Usually once a week should be enough to do the task.

It is important to note that when mowing your lawn, following the recommended cutting height has a lot of influence on how your grass grows and develops. If you are too busy to get this done, make a little research to find a grass cutting service that can help out.

Cutting too high or too low will affect your lawn grass badly. When cut too low, your grass loses the protective foliage that protects it from the sun’s scorching heat. Apart from dehydration, the loss of leafy parts affects the plant’s metabolic activities like photosynthesis too.

Mowing the lawn grass high leaves the lawn still looking bushy and poorly-maintained. It is very easy for a bushy lawn to become residence to different unfriendly pests and parasites that can cause harm sooner or later.

GoMow lawn maintenance Texas offers a highly-professional lawn mowing service.

Adequate watering of the lawn

Like all living things, your lawn grass needs water to grow healthily and beautifully. Without proper watering, it is quite easy for your lawn grass to become dried-up, thatchy and unappealing.

A well-watered lawn yard is obvious to the eyes as the grasses will appear fresh, green and grow thickly.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your lawn yard should be watered every day. Doing that is also harmful and shouldn’t be encouraged. If in doubt, reach out to any known lawn care service in Texas for support.

Over-watered lawn yards easily grow short roots and find it hard to survive when water becomes scarce.

An ideal watering schedule for your lawn should be done once weekly. It should be done to soak the earth up to an inch in height and allowed to soak through completely without running off, in a case where you have a sloping landscape.

The type of watering equipment used could be a watering can, a manual water sprinkler or a fully-automated sprinkler. Whatever type of sprinkler it is, it should suit the size of your lawn yard perfectly.

Use a professional lawn service in Addison, Texas

Lawn care and maintenance services are usually experienced and skilled in this field. Without comparison, they are the trusted authority that can deliver on the promise of a beautiful lawn ideally.

Using a lawn maintenance service comes with so many advantages. Apart from having the experience and knowledge on how best to mow and care for your lawn yard, they have the time and equipment to give your lawn exactly what it needs to look great and beautiful.

The benefits of using a professional lawn mowing service far outweigh any perceived disadvantages.

Do you need a beautiful-looking lawn? Consider using a GoMow lawn service in Addison Tx when next your lawn needs attention.

Reseed your lawn after a harsh season

Reseeding your lawn grass is an important aspect of lawn care and maintenance as it helps your lawn grow thickly and fully when it’s getting sparse.

Reseeding should be done more importantly on the areas where your lawn looks like it is losing grasses.

After a harsh season like a hot summer, you might find your grass growing thinly in some areas of your lawn. The answer is reseeding and possibly fertilizer application.

For best results, consult a professional lawn maintenance service in Texas for proper investigation and diagnosis.

Most grass-cutting services in Texas encourage fertilizer application to replenish your grasses

Without scheduled fertilizer application, your lawn grass will certainly lose nutrients over time.

Nutrients are lost from the grasses’ metabolic activities, leaching, flooding, and rains etc. To counter the effects of these natural components, scheduled fertilizer application should be done using only organic resources.

Fertilizer application will replenish your soil and enrich it adequately for your grasses’ needs.

So there you have it! Six tips that will definitely keep your lawn looking beautiful, healthy and green courtesy of GoMow Lawn Care, Texas!

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