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Wear Eyelashes of Your Personal Taste and Choice! Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash extensions allow you to add more quantity and length to your existing eyelash using false eyelash, generally used one at a time. They’re stuck on, so they last a longer period than a typical false eyelash and when done efficiently, they applied just like your regular eyelash.

But before you add falsies to your look, here’s what you need to know. By buying quality Eyelash Extension Kit, you make sure your potential customers have positive experiences and that you offer the best services.

Eyelash Extension Kit in Melbourne

There are several types of Eyelash Extensions

There are several popular types of Eyelash Products: artificial, mink, soft silk and the new Yumi Lashes. Based on the length and width of the eyelash, you can accomplish different look and feel For example, including a few extra mm to your external eyelash gives you a cat eye style, while continually long eyelash across the eye is more of a showgirl look.

The application takes time, but that’s the best thing

First of all, choose an experienced person who uses and knows the application technique, limits your risk of damage. A full set of Eyelash Extension Kit requires roughly two hours to apply, with each eyelash being dipped with a semi-permanent paste that’s safe for your eyes, then used to the lash line while your eyes are closed.

A patch test is a must

Remember that woman whose lashes fell out because she had a bad reaction to eyelash glue? Don’t let that be you. So before you start, make sure your eyelash specialist does a patch test to figure out if you’re sensitive or allergic to the adhesive she’s using.

Proper aftercare keeps your eyelash looking clean

Now that you’ve got long, fairly eyelash, you need to take care of them. First of all, you can’t expose your eyes to heat or water for the first 24 hours. If you do, the adhesive won’t be able to set and all that time you invested having your eyelash applied will be for nothing.

In the past few years, the market has been filled with REAL Eyelash Extension Kit. The problem is which product should you choose? With so many products to select from, this is not an easy decision to make. Women just don’t trust on beauty products any longer or easily believe what the ads say about the newest products. Also, with the current financial crisis, expensive beauty products – such as Eyelash Products – are an added cost that a lot of women don’t need.

Currently, beauty products manufacturers have been developing products that now live up to the commitment of eyelash growth. No more items that only make the impression of longer eyelashes. Now, you have quality Eyelash Products that actually activate the follicles to develop longer lashes as well as condition each eyelash so that they are more powerful and less vulnerable to breaking or falling out.

eyelash products in melbourne


Though the growth of eyelash is not in your hand, with Eyelash Extension Kit all growth deficits can be fulfilled. Going to an experienced professional is the only requirement you should keep in mind before trying it out.

Source: Eyelash Extension Kit: For a beautiful and charming eye

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