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What Is A Spinal Cord Injury Treatment In Dogs? Why Safari Veterinary Care Center Is The Best Animal Hospital Of Spinal Cord Injury Treatment In League City, Texas

The early detection and treatment of spinal cord injury in dogs contributes greatly to treatment outcomes. Most dog owners realize that their pet has a spinal injury when paralysis occurs & their pet can no longer walk. Other symptoms of spinal injury in dogs include dragging of the hind legs, an arched back or stiff head position, reduction in physical activities, muscle spasms in the back or neck, and increased sensitivity to touch.

Several underlying causes contribute to the incidence of spinal cord injury. Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) in dogs is a common cause of spinal injury. It causes nerve damage and spinal injury by compressing the spinal cord.

Dog Spinal cord injury treatment contributes to the recovery and restoration of the dog’s lifestyle. Treatment involves conservative therapy, spinal surgery, or stem cell treatment.

Why Safari Veterinary Care Center Is The Best Animal Hospital Of Spinal Cord Injury Treatment In League City, Texas.

Safarivet is the best animal hospital for dog spinal cord injury treatment In League City, Texas, for the following reasons:

Here are some great reviews from clients whose dogs have received spinal cord injury treatment at here at Safari Veterinary Care Center:

“Dr. Garner is doing some amazing work. My Dachshund had a back/spinal injury where she was losing her ability to even walk. He was able to get her back to her old self without surgery by doing stem cell therapy only. It’s been a year since her treatment & my dog is 110% better. She goes for a 1-mile walk with us every day & just loves life!” -Renee KH

“My 16+-year-old dachshund could not walk because of his hind legs when I brought him to Safari Vet Care Center. They x-rayed his spine and found three vertebrae with little or no cartilage, which meant bone on bone. They treated him with pain and anti-inflammatory medication after sedating him for the x-rays, put him on meds for 2 weeks, and he was up and around the next morning after our visit. Safari Veterinary Care Center has the most professional and caring people of any veterinarian I have ever experienced. I am just glad I found them.” -Robert Fox

“The care our little black & tan miniature daschund, Greta, received was outstanding! We saw the video on Safari’s website of ‘Scout’, and it was just awesome. After seeing the Scout video, my husband spoke with Dr. Murphy, who was so very helpful and explained the entire procedure. Dr. Murphy stayed in contact with us and answered all questions from beginning to end. We drove from Williamsburg, VA, to Safari’s Clinic in League City, Texas. On June 2nd, 2016 (Thursday), Greta ruptured a disk in her spine and ended up with her back legs paralyzed; she had surgery in Richmond, Virginia on June 3rd (Friday) was released on Sunday, June 5th. June 6th (Monday), we left for the long drive to Texas and had her in Safari’s office on Wednesday morning (June 8th), and Dr. Murphy started her stem cell harvesting and first injection (Greata had two stem cell treatments about a week apart). Ms. Garner was her Physical Therapist and Greta fell in love with her. Ms. Garner truly loves her patients and gives them her all. Greta is a barker – the stem cell therapy did not fix that (lol!) She barked at everyone but Ms. Garner; Greta just loved her! Greta responded so well to the stem cell treatment (Greta is home and improving every day! The care and love received from Dr. & Mrs. Garner, Dr Murphy, and their entire staff were the best! I can highly recommend Safari Veterinary Care Center for their medical expertise, love, and care for their patients! I cannot appreciate them all enough for giving us our little Greta this chance to walk again!” -Karen Levy

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