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What is the best grass to grow in San Antonio, Texas 2020?

What is the best grass to grow in San Antonio, Texas 2020?

If you already own a lawn or looking to grow one in the San Antonio area of Texas in 2020, you’ll need to know the best types of grass to have. Lawn care and maintenance have never been an easy task except in cases where you hire a lawn care service to handle it on a regular basis.

The type of grass you have in your yard determines the look of your lawn. While some grasses grow best in specific areas, others can grow in any environment regardless of the region.

In this post, we have discussed the best grass to grow in San Antonio, Texas in 2020. Regardless of the type you go for, it’s best to take care of it using modern lawn maintenance services that actually work.

Buffalo Grass

This grass type is indigenous to the San Antonio area of Texas and is the most tolerant of drought and poor lawn care. Buffalo grass is almost a wild grass and adapts easily to tough conditions. For people new to lawn care, your San Antonio lawn care service can check your lawn yard area to find out the grass species growing there.

If your area receives little rain, Buffalo grass is the best grass to handle the low rainfall. It can also be used as a ground cover on your lawn yard.

San Antonio experiences very minimal rainfall annually so consider going with Buffalo grass. It may not be the finest of grasses but it does the job well, requires little irrigation, and holds heat well without issues.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass is another tough, beautiful grass that grows perfectly well in San Antonio, Texas. It’s almost as tolerant of drought as Buffalo grass and can be managed even better. It regains green coloring and gets rejuvenated very quickly even after long periods of drought.

Foot traffic is not a problem for Bermuda grass as it can recover fast. It is fine-textured, grows evenly, and can handle heat without any problems.

Bermuda grass is the number one grass used on golf courses because of these features. Lawn companies in San Antonio are likely to go for Bermuda Grass when setting up lawn yards for new lawn owners because they’re easier to manage and grow super-fast.

Zoysia Grass

A beautiful grass species for the San Antonio area of Texas, Zoysia comes in two forms – the wide-bladed type and the thin-bladed type. Typically, Zoysia grass is a deep, rich green and grows very thickly. It grows quite slowly when compared to Buffalo and Bermuda grasses. The only kickback from growing Zoysia grass is the fact that it’s hard to mow. To get better results, it’s best to use a reel mower or sharp rotary mower.

Whichever species you go for, you will still enjoy the uniqueness that comes with Zoysia grass on your lawn yard. It is heat tolerant, does well in shaded areas and requires less mowing (thanks to the slow growth). Zoysia grows thickly and chokes out weeds and other invaders making it a very good grass type for your lawn in San Antonio.

St. Augustine Grass

The St. Augustine Grass is the most popular grass type lawn owners usually have on their lawn. It grows fast, requires maintenance, does well in hot weather, is shade tolerant, and easy to mow. A bit of research will reveal that a lot of lawn yards have St. Augustine grass on their lawn yards.

Unfortunately, even though many lawn owners in San Antonio and Texas as a whole love the St. Augustine grass, it is not drought tolerant. It suffers iron chlorosis and insect attacks easily and has very poor disease resistance.

All these factors make the St. Augustine grass a poor choice to go for unless you’d be hiring a lawn care service in San Antonio as expected. However, it’s not all bad news from this type of grass. It has a variant known as the Flotaram St. Augustine, which performs better than other St. Augustine grasses including the tough Zoysia grass.

In a test carried out to compare grass tolerance, the lawn mowing service involved found out that Floratam St. Augustine maintained well under drought and greened up very fast after being starved of water for two months.

In conclusion, there are four grass types to consider in San Antonio lawn care. You can go for any of the following – Buffalo grass, Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, and St. Augustine grass.

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