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What is the organic lawn care treatment in Dallas, Texas?

What is the organic lawn care treatment in Dallas, Texas?

When we talk about organic lawn care treatment in Dallas, Texas, we refer to those lawn treatment procedures that are natural. In essence, these practices don’t involve any introduction of artificial resources to improve the lawn. In fact, it’s proven that organic treatment of lawns is the best for it over time in terms of longevity.

If you’re looking to only practice only organic lawn care treatment, this post will serve as a guide on what you should and shouldn’t do. We encourage you to read up and implement where necessary.

Here we go on the tips required to have an organic law care treatment!

Regular checks and investigation are a must!

If you want a great looking lawn growing with organic treatment, then your check and investigation game has to be top-notch. Regular checks will reveal trouble spots early so that they can be nipped in the bud very quickly.

Regular checks will reveal areas on your lawn that need attention. These areas could be balding, yellowing, dying grass or grass suffering stunted growth, etc.

When you hire a lawn care companies that offers lawn care services like GoMow Lawn Mowing, you can be certain that your grass is in good hands. We recommend weekly inspection during each mowing session.

Adequate mowing is healthy for your lawn

One of the best organic lawn care treatment for your lawn is adequate mowing. For mowing to be adequate, it has to be regular. Mowing needs to be done once or twice a week to keep your grass trimmed and in shape.

Generally, the rule of thumb in the industry is to set the mower blades to cut only one-third of the length of the grass. By doing this, the lawn grass won’t be scalped too much to the extent of suffering exposure to the elements.

In addition to this, not mowing too low serves as an organic method of keeping weeds away as the seeds will find little space to sink in roots due to being choked off by the grass.

Eliminate dead leaves, debris and unnecessary items from the lawn

A clean lawn yard is a healthy lawn yard. An organic lawn care tip to take seriously is to remove leaves and debris from the top of the lawn so the grass can breathe better. When dead leaves pile up on the lawn surface, they can become a problem as they press down the grass and reduce air supply. The consequence of this is that the grass begins to die off sooner or later.

Raking dead leaves, picking or packing debris and dirt and keeping heavy items off the lawn are ideal organic ways to keep it safe and healthy.

Alternatively, your weekly lawn mowing service can handle this extra task as well. Dead leaves can also be converted to compost which is a rich source of organic nutrients for your grass.

Consider overseeding to regrow your lawn

Over-seeding is one practice that can help your lawn regain itself after the harshness of the seasons. Winter is stressful on the grass, same as summer but with over-seeding and other organic lawn care practices, lawns survive without much difficulty. Over-seeding involves filling out the lawn with new grass seedlings to cause new growth on it.

Over-seeding should be done early enough in the growth cycle of the grass type.

For the winter season, over-seeding is best done just before the first signs of frost. To get great results when over-seeding, get an affordable lawn care service to handle the procedure to avoid errors.

Use organic fertilizers only

Chemical fertilizers usually cause a more rapid reaction but have long-term negative effects. These side effects are the reason why it should be avoided if possible. Organic fertilizers are slower to act but in the long run, they’re more beneficial. Organic fertilizers leave no toxic or chemical traces in the soil or water body after decomposition. They break down completely without any residues or remnants.

Only introduce fertilizers to a lawn if it’s absolutely necessary to do so. In addition, allowing a professional lawn service company to handle the fertilizer application will increase the chances of success.

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