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Why Is Your Grass Turning Brown? Simple Tips To Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer At Hutto, TX?

Why Is Your Grass Turning Brown? Simple Tips To Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer At Hutto, TX?

If you’ve owned a lawn before then this must have happened to you at some point, you wake up one morning to realize your grass turning brown despite watering. As bad as this might seem, it’s not all gloom and doom. Your grass can always recover if the right lawn care practices are implemented. In fact, the earlier your grass receives attention from a professional lawn care service, the faster it’d be able to recover.

In this post, we’ve discussed why grass turns brown sometimes and the simple tips to keep your lawn green this summer in Hutto, TX.

For Hutto residents, the first step to caring for your lawn is hiring a Hutto lawn care service. If you’ve been asking the question, ‘Why is my grass turning brown’, we have answered with several reasons and solutions.

Why Grass Turns Brown:

  1. Dormancy

    The number one cause of grass turning brown in summer is dormancy. At a point, lawn grass ceases to grow and becomes latent. It happens with all grass species and isn’t a cause for alarm. If you notice this, you can consult with your lawn service in Hutto on the next steps.

    Try to pull your grass by hand, if it feels hard to pull out, it means your grass isn’t dormant. However, if the grass pulls out easily, it could just mean that the grass is dead. In the case of dormancy, consider applying water deeply twice a week to see if the grass revives.

    Alternatively, you can wait it out until the spring season when the lawn season refreshes. If nothing works, it might be time to call in a professional lawn service in Hutto.

  2. Lack of Water

    A poor watering schedule can cause your lawn to turn brown prematurely. Plants that lack enough water will dry out over time. First, confirm if the reason for the lawn brownness is from lack of water, next, find a water source to irrigate the lawn the right way. Your lawn service in Hutto can help with recommendations on how to get the best outcome.

    “Consider installing a sprinkler system of some kind if you don’t have one already. Ensure your lawn starts getting enough water twice a week. Over time, you will find out that the grass will rehydrate to look fresh, green, and healthy once again.”

  3. Just Maybe the Grass Is Gone

    As unfortunate as this may seem, it does happen. It’s a possibility that might become a reality. Your grass might be brown simply because it’s dead. Too much heat, stress, and other conditions can ultimately lead to the death of lawn grass.

    Therefore, it’s important to avoid such an outcome by caring for the lawn at the right time with the right resources. Dead grass cannot be revived so the only way out is to remove it from the yard, prepare the soil anew and reseed it with new grass seedlings.

    Ask for recommendations when looking to hire professional lawn care in Hutto to assist with the task of renewing your lawn yard.

    “While starting a new lawn is good, it’s important to identify what caused the previous issue to avoid a recurrence. If the root cause of the problem can be fixed, then your new lawn stands a better chance of lasting long into the future.”

  4. Lack of Essential Nutrients

    A lack of nourishment from essential nutrients in the soil can lead to your lawn turning brown. When grass doesn’t get the full range of nutrients it needs for its metabolic activities, it could turn brown as a symptom of such deprivation.

    Before concluding that your lawn lacks essential nutrients, get your Hutto lawn care to test your soil to be certain of its nutrient concentration. If confirmed to be true, you can fix this situation by fertilizing regularly in spring, after summer, and just before the onset of winter to boost your soil’s nutrient capacity.

  5. Pest Attack

    Infestation from pests can turn your lawn into an unsavory, patchy brownfield. Pests like bugs, grubs, leaf-eating insects and others like them can easily make a home on your lawn if your lawn care routine is poor. Some pests feast on roots, and others eat leaves and stems. In the end, if left unchecked, your lawn yard could easily become a ghost of itself.

    As soon as you can confirm that the cause of your brown lawn is as a result of pest attack, your next line of action should be to hire a professional lawn care service to come to the rescue. With judicious use of insecticides, pest infestation can be a thing of the past.

    However, we recommend a preventative approach in the first place. Due diligence and routine lawn care will eliminate most pests before they get out of hand. If you’re asking – why is my grass turning brown? – Perhaps, it’s time to look inwards and check for pests.

  6. Disease condition

    A terrible disease condition can turn your grass brown and eventually kill it. There are several disease conditions that harm your grass. Fungal and bacterial diseases are capable of causing lasting damage on lawns if not prevented or treated in advanced cases.

    If your lawn yard is turning brown in round patches, you most likely have a fungal disease attack. Treatment will involve applying fungicides. A professional lawn care service can help with identification and adequate treatment.

  7. Poor lawn management practices

    Lawns with a history of poor management are often prone to turning brown after a while. It’s not enough to ask why is my grass turning brown, you might have to check yourself to see where an error could be occurring.

    Avoid practices like extra-low grass mowing, over-watering, leaving heavy items on the lawn, mowing at the wrong hours, and others. For instance, if your grass is turning brown despite watering, then it’s time to ask to do a thorough check to see what else could be the problem.

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